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May 23, 2013

Hale Irwin


Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
HALE IRWIN:テつ It was playing so long, the air was very, very heavy today.テつ We remarked all day, I just can't seem to hit the ball, take enough club to get it there.テつ You're not believing what your brain is telling you, your body's saying no.テつ And that was the error, I wouldn't believe my brain, what little I had of it today.
But the 10th hole, I hit an okay drive, it wasn't special, I must have had 226 or something like that into that wind and I hit a very, very good fairway metal and on the front edge.テつ Almost got there.テつ So I got my four, that's all that counts.テつ That was like a birdie today.

Q.テつ A round of 1‑under par 70, what did you do particularly well today?
HALE IRWIN:テつ Managed the mess.テつ I think that I didn't hit the ball particularly well, I didn't hit it solidly, but I didn't hit it way off line.テつ With the exception of one ball.テつ And that was really more of a mud ball or a flier ball.
But I had some difficulty early with some putting.テつ I've been trying to get a little different alignment with my putting and I think I got into it a little bit more comfortably and started making some nice putts and just sort of kept it together.テつ Didn't do great things today.
But I, that's sort of what Bellerive is requiring, you're not going to play it exceptionally well, it's going to beat you up a little bit and if you can just kind of stay out of, stay away from some of the problems that are out there, which I did, and kind of hang in there, you're going to make your few birdies, as long as you just don't make too many bogeys.

Q.テつ You said the heavy air made the course play longer.テつ Did the rain soften the pace of the greens at all?
HALE IRWIN:テつ Absolutely.テつ It wasn't a rain as much as a drizzle.テつ So it just sort of sat on the grass, it didn't soak in or run off.テつ So it was just sitting there and all of us had difficulty getting the ball to the hole.

Q.テつ And because you normally play 54 hole events, does 72 hole events, is there a level of patience that you have to add to a 72 hole round where you know you can't get so, I guess, excited if you get behind?
HALE IRWIN:テつ Well, that's true.テつ And I found when I came on to the Champions Tour, once upon a time, I had to dispense with that patience and get impatient, because you just had the three rounds.テつ You don't have a round that you might be able to, okay, that's not my best, but I got three more to do something else.テつ So I think that it's some, not comfort, but there's some degree of it's a longer race in a four round event than it would be a three.

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