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May 23, 2013

Bill Glasson


Q.テつ 2‑under, you got to be pretty happy about that today.
BILL GLASSON:テつ Very.テつ Very happy.テつ It was tough out there though.テつ The conditions changed, weather‑wise, I'm sure you're going to hear that a lot, from pretty strong wind to rain to wind and rain.テつ So yeah, anything par or better I think is very good.

Q.テつ What was it like playing with your teacher?
BILL GLASSON:テつ Well, that's an interesting question.テつ We just played.テつ It was really just golf.テつ So I thought less about that than probably anything else on the golf course.テつ It's funny, it totally escaped my mind.
So I'm sure he was critiquing every swing I made, but I think that's the difference between what he does and what I do is that I just play.テつ And I play and I play and I play.
And he actually was 2‑under all day.テつ I was kind of right around even par and I had to tell him to focus a little bit, you know.テつ That was kind of funny.テつ I didn't tell him that, but I was thinking, you know, you really got to bear down now coming in.テつ Because it's a long tournament and you don't want to give any away, give any back, what once you get a couple.テつ So it's good to get under, but you got to keep on going.

Q.テつ I know tomorrow you get to play again.テつ What are you anticipating in the morning?
BILL GLASSON:テつ Oh, boy, cold, at the 10th hole it's going to feel like it's 550, I think.テつ We have already figured we're going to hit driver, 3‑wood into the first hole of the day.テつ So it's supposed to be in the 40s or something and hopefully not too breezy when we get here, but you never know.
But it's ‑‑ we saw that at the starting, that's a tough starting hole, especially at 8 o'clock in the morning.テつ So I'm kind of interested to see ‑‑ we had a hybrid in there today, a good drive and a hybrid.テつ So I know they can't do anything about it, they got to protect the field, because later in the day and that, so we just have to suck it up and get out there and hit really two of your better shots right off the bat to start off.テつ So that's ‑‑ I'll get to sleep on that tonight, so I probably won't sleep very well, but knowing that I have to hit my two best starting off.テつ But that make it's fun.テつ We enjoy it.

Q.テつ Bring some warm clothes in the morning.
BILL GLASSON:テつ I will.テつ I'll be bundled up.

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