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May 23, 2013

Bob Gaus


Q.テつ Even par 71.テつ How good was the round?
BOB GAUS:テつ Well, it was a good scoring round.テつ Like I said, I could have made maybe one or two more putts, I kind of was lagging the ball today, was a little tentative with the putter and I drove the ball kind of poorly.テつ So I missed four or five maybe six fairways, but, so fairways I missed were par‑5s where I could get home in two.テつ So I think I left a couple shots out there just because of the par‑5s.テつ Some of them were, 4 and 8 were birdieable and I parred them both.テつ But I'm hitting wedges in there instead of knocking it on the green.テつ But overall I was pretty happy about the way I it came out.

Q.テつ You played through the afternoon which included a sort of light rain throughout the afternoon, on the greens did that soften the pace of the greens a little bit?
BOB GAUS:テつ I think it slowed them just a hair.テつ Not much though.テつ Downhill they're still pretty fast.テつ Uphill is where it affects you.テつ Because they're already pretty slow going uphill so you got rap it.テつ And a little rain, a little moisture probably slowed it down a hair.テつ It's raining pretty good out there right now.

Q.テつ Anything surprise you about the course today?
BOB GAUS:テつ Not at all.テつ Just the pin placements were pretty good today.テつ Good grief, they were tucked in corners every hole, it seemed like.テつ So, but, no, no surprises.テつ Felt pretty good.

Q.テつ They always say that players prefer the late/early combination, where you don't have that long of a wait if you went out early today and then go out late tomorrow.テつ Is that the case for you?
BOB GAUS:テつ Well, yeah, that's always kind of been my case.テつ I like to go late/early.テつ Especially if I don't make the cut, I can get on the road pretty quick.テつ But, no, late/early is the way to go.テつ I'm in a rhythm, I get to bed, get up, I'm going right back at it.テつ So pretty happy about my tee time.

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