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May 23, 2013

Jay Delsing


Q.テつ 1‑under par round of 70, it's been awhile since you've done this, any nerves on the opening holes?
JAY DELSING:テつ Yeah, quite a few all day long.テつ It was really fun though.テつ I was just really trying to stay focused on playing and let the surroundings, I had a lot of encouragement around there, it's fantastic, from the people of St. Louis and family and I just tried to focus on playing and not get out of that mentally.テつ And I did a really good job for the most part.テつ I had a couple of times where I wasn't able to do it quite as well, but I haven't played in a while.
And so it's been a great week.テつ Even stopping right now it's been a fantastic week.テつ Watching St. Louis come out and getting a chance to play in my hometown doing some of this stuff, the PGA of America has been wonderful to me and it's been awesome.

Q.テつ Is 70 the best you were going to get out of this round or was this around that had a little more left in it?
JAY DELSING:テつ Oh, no, there was‑‑ I made some really goofy mistakes, like just trying to chip a little low 7‑iron under a tree that really wasn't even in the way and I hit the tree and almost went out of bound on the first par‑5.テつ So I wound up making a bogey there and should have made ‑‑ well, you know, could have made better.テつ But I'm sure everybody can say that.
I hit some nice shots and didn't take advantage of them and then made a couple putts here and there.テつ So you know how golf is.テつ I probably should have thought a little bit more before I answer that had.

Q.テつ It's always nice to be in red numbers.テつ Talk about the birdie at 17?
JAY DELSING:テつ Yeah, well the par‑5s are interesting out here because you really have to stay in the right position.テつ Mike Tucker wrote a great article about strategy is the way to win here.テつ Not being overly long.テつ And I have picked up some speed since played last, I'm feeling better and I've got some length, but having the thing in the right spot going into a putt from uphill compared to downhill makes a huge difference out here.
So the way I look at it, I'm four off the lead and I got a tee time tomorrow and I'm going to go out and just try and do the same thing.

Q.テつ What do you do between today and tomorrow, anything you work on?
JAY DELSING:テつ No, not at all.テつ I'm just going to take it all in, I got my family waiting for me over there, we're going to go grab some barbecue and have dinner.テつ So I'm enjoying it.テつ I got my oldest daughter's in town so it's going to be a great night.

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