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May 23, 2013

Shane Lowry


Q.  Talk about shooting 2‑under par to start the championship?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I'm delighted.  Obviously it's a big week and it's very important to play well in the tournament today.  Weather is getting a bit worse than it was this morning.
It's tough, I hit a couple of good shots today that I ended up making bogeys, but I mean, that's the way this course plays.  It's tough to get the wind exactly correct.  My caddie did as good a job as he could and I managed to pull off a few shots and make a few birdies which is nice.

Q.  Were you conscious of getting a good score under your belt knowing the weather might deteriorate?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, really wanted to get off to a decent start and not do anything that would put me out of the tournament.  I feel like 2‑under, I'm right in there.  If I can post another couple under tomorrow, I'll be right there come the weekend.

Q.  And you can reflect on a good performance because the first year after the changes, you were right up there?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, finished fourth a couple years ago, a good finish.  I love this place, love coming back.  It's a great tournament‑‑ I was just saying coming in, how good it is to just play an event like this.  The crowds are very‑‑ they know a lot about golf and they are very knowledgeable.  It's great to play here and it's great to be here.

Q.  How was that play with The Ryder Cup captain?
SHANE LOWRY:  It was good.  Obviously I know Paul, he's been good to me over the last few years since I turned pro, and, yeah, it was good to play with hip.

Q.  Too early to have conversations about Gleneagles?
SHANE LOWRY:  No, nothing about that.  But obviously that's going to be a goal of mine next year.  It would be nice to play under Paul as captain, yeah.

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