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May 23, 2013

Oliver Fisher


Q.テつ Starting with a decent score like this?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, 2‑under par was a good score.テつ You know, it's pretty cold out there and with the wind how it is, it's pretty tricky any time there's a bit of breeze, but it's pretty gusty at times and tough to gauge where it is in the trees.テつ It was a decent score and a good start.

Q.テつ We've actually got this round in before anticipated really bad weather, so I'm sure that is useful.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ So hopefully, I don't know, I'm not sure what the forecast this afternoon but I know it's meant to get up with the wind and stuff.
So, we'll see.テつ I've had a good come back, I was 2‑over par after 10 so it was a good finish around here.テつ Pretty pleased.

Q.テつ Give us an indication of how the wind is swirling amongst the trees.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Just every hole is in a slightly different direction, so you know, just getting where it is above the trees and being sure and committing to your line and committing to your clubs.

Q.テつ And this is an event that is very close to your heart?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, it's only 50 minutes from where I grew up; you watch Wentworth on the telly as a kid growing up, all the great winners and tournaments around here, it's great to come and play.

Q.テつ Plenty of people watching you.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ Yeah, family and friends and stuff, and people from the club.テつ It's nice to have local support and hopefully can stick in the rest of the week and yeah, enjoy it really.

Q.テつ Justin Rose was touching on this, sometimes that adds a nice pressure and sometimes you just want to do well for your family and the pressure is off, what's that like for you?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ I think everyone is out there supporting you.テつ None of your friends are wishing down on you, hopefully not, anyway, so that's a good thing to have.テつ Any time you have that kind of support is a good thing.

Q.テつ Opening round of 70, tell us about that.
OLIVER FISHER:テつ It was obviously pretty cold out there this morning and stuff.テつ You know, the wind has been pretty strong all day.テつ I'm not sure what the forecast is this afternoon but it's been a pretty stiff breeze all day.テつ I think Wentworth is one of those tracks, you get through the front nine, 12, 13 holes, and you've just got to keep plugging away at it and that's what I did today.テつ I finished well with three birdies in the last four holes, so it was a good score.

Q.テつ Tell us just how cold it was at 7.20 on the first tee, caddies were coming in and saying it was brutal?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ I think my hands are just warming up now.テつ It's just one of them, you're out there, you have your waterproofs on, jumpers on, under layers on and it's okay when you're moving around and swinging but standing around that early morning, it does get pretty cold.テつ Glad hopefully that early tee time is out of the way and it warms up the rest of the week.

Q.テつ The result, did you feel it coming?
OLIVER FISHER:テつ I missed the cut by one in China and Korea, I think two in Spain and actually played pretty good golf.テつ You know, you don't have to do much to miss cuts out here, do much wrong.テつ I feel like my head is in a decent place and I'm enjoying my golf and I'm hitting the ball probably as consistently as I have done for a long while so it's just a matter of being patient so you certainly have to do that around here.

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