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May 23, 2013

Justin Rose


Q.  Sorry to ask but it possible to sum up the frustration when you are 3‑under with two par 5s to play and finishing level par?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, it's disappointing, isn't it.  I played a lot of really nice golf today at times, and felt good actually.  I'm going to choose to take the positives out of today.  It's the first round; if I finish 6, 7, to lose a tournament by one, you don't have any time to do anything about it on a Sunday.
Today was a kind of day that you could only lose a tournament.  It's tough out there and quite easy to shoot a high score, but even par is not the end of the world if I look at it in the big picture of this week.  Disappointing, but I'm going to choose to, I think my focus was pretty good out there, too‑‑ obviously maybe the very end.
I felt into my shots today and I hit a lot of good putts, especially my right‑to‑left putts.  Right‑to‑lefters were really good today.  Missed a couple of left‑to‑righters low, so just want to go and work on that on the putting green but a lot of good stuff today.

Q.  Give viewers a sense of what makes this place so difficult on a day like today.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I don't know if you saw my shot on 16, I'm below the green‑‑ 17, excuse me.  I'm below the green in two, which is where I wanted to miss it where that pin placement was today, and you could see how quick the putt was.
Both me and David both 3‑putted down the green, and so I'm below the green with my pitch out shout of the rough, and I know how fast once it is it gets on the green.  But obviously I land it one yard short, I land on an upslope, not a downslope because the whole green is a crown and that's the difference between 35 feet and making 4 or 6.  So I don't really‑‑ that's obviously to be critical, that's kind of the tough thing that you face there on 16.
18 is a mental error.  I wasn't going anywhere near that pin, but I was trying to hit a hard 52 degrees and get out of there with five and accept 2‑under, but obviously by hitting it hard, turned it over a little bit and that's the kind of thing that can happen.

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