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May 23, 2013

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAテ窶楼:テつテつ It's been great.テつ It wasn't an easy day.テつ I think we've been quite lucky at the end.テつ I've been expecting worse weather than we had at the end, and I played nicely.テつ I just made a lot of birdies, made a lot of important putts, and overall very happy, because I have to admit that this is not a course I know how to play very well, so anything that's under par is always a good score around Wentworth, and 4-under is very good.

Q. It is a difficult track, but when you've got the wind swirling and as cold as it's been, as well today, throw in some rain, harder?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Yeah, it reminded me a little bit of Dunhill Links weather instead of the BMW Championship.テつ I mean, we normally get warmer temperatures than we had today, but you know, I think it's been pretty much the same for everybody, so it's been pretty fair.
Overall, as I said, very happy, because this is a track that any time you manage to beat the course, it's always a very, very good score.

Q. How was Sergio?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Sergio was great.テつ It's always a pleasure playing with him.テつ He's a good friend of mine.テつ I think also it was good for him that he was playing alongside two friends like Luke and myself, and he played good.テつ Just made a couple of mistakes, things that can happen on a course like this one.テつ He's in very good shape and looking great to probably pick his first major this year.

Q. Did he need lifting today?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Not really.テつ You can see he's affected because he really felt what he said the other day when he apologised, and, well, he's a human being and he makes mistakes as we all do.テつ So we just have to apologise and as Tiger well said yesterday, THE PLAYERS happened two or three weeks ago and we just have to get over it and let the golf speak.

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