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May 23, 2013

Chris Andersen

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ The first couple against the Pacers‑‑ I know you missed the first one.テつ You just arrived for the second one.テつ Got outrebounded a lot.テつ How much of a difference do you think you made against their bigger front line?
CHRIS ANDERSEN:テつ You know, it's just mainly about all the spacing and what I bring to the court, is just being able to catch and finish around the rim.

Q.テつ To shoot 29 for 35, even though it's mostly around the rim, does that do anything for you?テつ Those numbers‑‑ you just don't see numbers like that from anybody.
CHRIS ANDERSEN:テつ You know what, I really don't follow the numbers.テつ Is that what I'm shooting?テつ Okay, then.テつ I don't even think about that.テつ I just basically take what the defense gives me.
Playing with LeBron and Wade and Norris Cole and Mario, when they're driving to the basket, Ray Allen when he's driving to the basket, I'm just trying to find the right space and the right position to be in to be able to get those easy baskets.

Q.テつ Some guys in (Indiscernible) like LeBron just a couple of assists away from having a triple‑double and whatnot, at the end of the game when you look at the stat sheet, do you have any proof that's going to say anything about your‑‑
CHRIS ANDERSEN:テつ I don't even look at it.テつ I don't even look at it.テつ I have a knack for knowing about blocked shots.テつ I guess there's only such a low amount of them that I get.テつ I don't keep count during the game ‑‑ during the course of the game.

Q.テつ Did you look at the boxscore and go like wow?

Q.テつ What did you think?
CHRIS ANDERSEN:テつ I think Jackson is the one that told me first that I had set a record or something.テつ To be mentioned with 'Zo's name, Alonzo Mourning, it's an honor.テつ But at the same time, my main focus is the Indiana Pacers and trying to get to that championship.

Q.テつ Could you imagine last fall and winter, still waiting for a call from a team, that you can possibly be playing a role like this for a Conference Finals with a championship‑caliber team at this stage, the difference between being at home in December and being here now?
CHRIS ANDERSEN:テつ At that time I didn't have that mindset.テつ But it really didn't take long for me to flip that switch and get into the weight room and on to the court and grind it out and get into the position I am now to where I'm able to get up and down the floor and guard the incredible bigs they have, David West and Hibbert.テつ Being able to guard guards as well, in case I'm ever in that situation.
To be in this position right now, I'm happy, but I want more.

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