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May 23, 2013

Dwyane Wade

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  How did you sleep?

Q.  Yeah.
DWYANE WADE:  We don't get to sleep after the games.  Can't go to sleep.

Q.  It was a long night.
DWYANE WADE:  Yeah, it was a late night.  But we don't get sleep anyway.  I just went home and watched Nashville.  DVRed it.  Great episode, by the way.

Q.  You looked pretty healthy.  At least jumping after LeBron made the shot.
DWYANE WADE:  Yeah.  I was excited.  Like I said, last two games I felt as best that I felt all playoffs.  So I'm just trying to keep it up.

Q.  Did you expect him to be that wide open?  When you are wide open like that in a situation like that, what are you thinking going to the rim?  It seems like a simple lay‑up, but the clock is counting down.  Do you know what I mean?
DWYANE WADE:  You don't know what to expect.  Kind of‑‑ there's a read.  I think he felt Paul George went a little bit to the outside.  That's why he was able to turn and get to the basket quicker.  So you don't know what to expect.
We had ran a play similar to that at the end of regulation.  And it was a lot less time.  So it was a little different.  But he made a hell of a play.  He got a very easy lay‑up to win the game.

Q.  What do you guys have to work out for Game 2?
DWYANE WADE:  Like every series, man.  After the first game you look at your mistakes and try to cut down on those mistakes.  Obviously, when you look at turnovers, you try to cut down on them.
We made some defensive mistakes that we can change.  You know, just try to be better offensively.
We had some guys who normally shoot the ball a lot better, didn't shoot it as well.  So I know they were in the gym working on it.  They might get certain shots at certain spots.  Try to be more efficient.

Q.  When you say you felt better than you have the last two games, those games you were by far at your best in pretty long games.  Why do you think that was?
DWYANE WADE:  Just getting the opportunity to be aggressive till the end.  Early on I don't come out as aggressive.  But late in the games I try to be a little more active, a little more aggressive.  Especially looking for my own shot, et cetera.
As I said, right now it's just picking my spots.  As I said, I have to pick my spots.  I've been able to do it of late and towards the end.

Q.  It helps that Spo called your number in two time‑outs in the final two‑and‑a‑half minutes?
DWYANE WADE:  Yeah.  It always helps.  Obviously he understands the kind of player that I am.  Sometimes you get your number called doesn't mean you're always going to have the ability to score.  Doesn't mean you're always going to score.  It means you can be aggressive, you can attack, you can put pressure on the defense.
So late in games we like to do that.  We like to put pressure on defense.  Obviously myself and LeBron are penetrators.  Norris Cole is another guy who can pull triggers and penetrate.  So the ball has been in our hands a lot lately at the end.

Q.  How hard is it for a team to lose a game the way the Pacers did on your court, every chance to win it, coaching decision criticized, questioned?  The players themselves don't know if it's right.  What is that like to try to rebound?
DWYANE WADE:  It's hard that night.  But the next day you kind of come in, you look at the film, you realize you had an opportunity to win, and you move on.  It's the playoffs.  It doesn't matter if you lose by 1 or whether you lose by 20.  Especially as a road team.
Their job is to come down here and try to get one of these games.  They didn't do it in the first game.  They came close, and they can pull a lot of positives from it.  From us as well, when you win games like that, you have to move on.  You have to go and see how you can be better and try to win the next game and protect home court.

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