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May 23, 2013

Shane Battier

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ What's Birdman done for your team, and what's he‑‑ we saw it last night‑‑ what's he doing against this team in particular with all their size?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ Energy.テつ That's been Birdman his entire career.テつ For as talented as we are, we wouldn't say we're the highest‑energy team.テつ A little more laid back.テつ We're intense, but we're not high energy.
Birdman, when he came in here, he changed the whole dynamic with his fervor for life and his energy.テつ Specifically against the Pacers.テつ He's just flying all around.
Against a team that wants to slow you down and flatten you out and make you lethargic, he's the best man to do it.

Q.テつ Does he express that fervor when he's not playing?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ The Birdman is larger than life.テつ What you see on the court is how he is in real life.テつ Probably not as flamboyant and dynamic, but he's one of a kind.

Q.テつ He almost strikes me he would be a little bit boring compared to the way he looks.テつ (Indiscernible) live up to that.
SHANE BATTIER:テつ He's one of a kind.テつ I never had a teammate like him.テつ But he's a great teammate, and he's meant a lot to this team.

Q.テつ Shane, Coach Vogel said after watching the game last night, they realize the mistakes they made.テつ Shooting themselves in the foot.テつ They are confident‑‑ which they would say‑‑ that they can beat the Miami Heat.テつ What does this team have to do in Game 2 to break that confidence?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ We don't really care about their confidence.テつ All we care about is making adjustments ourselves.テつ We know we didn't play our A game.テつ There's lot of room for improvements.テつ We'll make the necessary adjustments.

Q.テつ David West's effect on some guysテつ (Indiscernible)?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ Well, he's clever.テつ He's clever.テつ We have an aggressive defense.テつ He uses our aggressiveness against us.テつ So you have to be a little smarter.テつ You can't blindly play aggressively against him.

Q.テつ What do you specifically do against him that you don't do against others when guarding him?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ I'm not going to tell you.テつ You have to be a little smarter in your coverages and just a little sharper in your angles.

Q.テつ Coach Vogel said today they have to take advantage of that match‑up that Shane Battier is on.
SHANE BATTIER:テつ That's fine.テつ That's fine.テつ Not the first time I've heard that.テつ I'll deal with it.テつ

Q.テつ Did you guys fall short of flogging yourselves over not reaching that next level and watching everything‑‑ the thing you said the other day, it's about winning, and you did?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ Yes.テつ That's the most important thing.テつ It's 1‑0.テつ We didn't play our best game.テつ Our best game is still in the can.テつ We've been saying that for a while now.テつ It's in the can.テつ We're ready to unleash it.
Any playoff series you're looking to get better and you're looking to improve, and we'll get better as the series goes on.

Q.テつ What entails that next level that Spo was telling us about here?テつ Even another level above that level?
SHANE BATTIER:テつ We need to put together just the focus and the determination along with the energy.テつ I thought we had great energy last night.テつ A lot of careless mistakes.
It comes down to focus and discipline.テつ Once we put all that together, it will be a beautiful thing.

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