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May 23, 2013

LeBron James

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.  LeBron, Frank was just saying he actually feels encouraged for his team because he knows they have another level to reach and they haven't played their best game.  Erik just said the same thing, that you guys haven't maybe the entire playoffs shown your best game.
Do you sort of feel that there's something else there, that maybe out of Game 1, hey, we know we can do X, Y and Z even more?
LeBRON JAMES:  I mean, we can get better.  I think both teams didn't play to the level they're capable of playing at in Game 1.  But both teams both had a chance to win.  So I think put in that position again, once again, both teams would love to be in that position.

Q.  LeBron, do you ask yourselves sometimes (Indiscernible)?
LeBRON JAMES:  We know we can get better.  We watched the film.  We had 20‑plus turnovers, which is uncharacteristic of us.  Some miscues defensively.  And they can say the same thing.  You know, they had 20‑plus as well.
We know we can play better.  That's why each game is its own, and you try to learn from your mistakes in the previous game.

Q.  I know you've been asked this before.  Were you impressed by Paul George's (Indiscernible)?
LeBRON JAMES:  Yeah, I think so.  He's going to be (Indiscernible) in our league.  Just the opportunity.  His team has given him the confidence, and him having the confidence in himself.

Q.  Do you remember meeting him (Indiscernible)?
LeBRON JAMES:  Yeah, I do.  He had some unbelievable talent then.  He went to a school that really no one paid attention to.  I'm one of those late guys that stayed up late at night watching the PAC‑10 and (Indiscernible) games.  I had an opportunity to watch him and seeing the talent.

Q.  LeBron, I know how you say you've been making that lay‑up since you were eight years old, how you can cover that kind of ground in two seconds.  But have you seen the play again?  Are you surprised you can cover that much ground that quickly?  Especially facing the wrong direction?
LeBRON JAMES:  Yeah, we had an opportunity to see it today, to see the execution.  I'm just blessed to be able to cover that much ground in two seconds, to be able to throw the card in my head, knowing I can get from the top of the free‑throw line to the rim.  It was great.

Q.  You've played a team (Indiscernible) every playoff game you go through?
LeBRON JAMES:  You continue to learn about a team each and every game.  You continue to know what they like, what they dislike, how comfortable they are in certain situations.  And also in individual match‑ups too.  That's what the series is all about.  It's a feel‑out process.  Hopefully along that feel‑out process you get wins.

Q.  LeBron, how much of a difference has the Birdman made, especially last night, to be able to counteract their big front line?  You've obviously done a much better job now than you did at the start of the season against the Pacers.  The Birdman has been a reason.
LeBRON JAMES:  He's big‑time for our team.  His athleticism.  His motor.  He comes out and he gives it all.  No matter if it's eight minutes or 38 minutes, he gives it his all.  (Indiscernible)
Q.What were your impressions as a teammate?
LeBRON JAMES:  Bird?  He fits right in.  Fits right in.  We have a great team.  Guys on and off the floor love being around each other.  He fits right in.

Q.  How much attention do you pay to these guys around the the league, post‑game fashion show and all that stuff?
LeBRON JAMES:  I'm actually,  I guess, watching, I see it a little bit.  I think it's pretty cool.  Guys have their own personality.  Some of it goes too far.  I have a teammate who does his own thing, sometimes.  Hey, it's whatever.

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