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May 23, 2013

Dick Mast


Q.テつ How would you describe your round today?
DICK MAST:テつ I was fortunate.テつ I missed the ball in the right place a few times.テつ I would like to have done better.テつ I'm kind of getting over an injury just now, so it cost me a couple shots.テつ But I was tickled to play as well as I did.

Q.テつ Is the course forgiving?
DICK MAST:テつ There's places where it does not forgive.テつ You need to be able to execute at the time.テつ No. 6, the par‑3 there, over the water, you have to number it.

Q.テつ Is that the signature hole when you think about how this play could be determined on Sunday?
DICK MAST:テつ Well, you could certainly lose the tournament here.テつ So I understand Gary Player was hitting it in the back bunker every time, but I don't know if they changed the green, it didn't look that easy to me.テつ But he's such a good bunker player.

Q.テつ Conditions out here, being a little cooler, having the wind, did it play in your favor, play against you?
DICK MAST:テつ Me personally, I'm in the upper 25 percent probably in length so it probably worked for me.テつ The course is playing longer than it normally does.テつ So we are seniors, so.

Q.テつ I like how you guys always point that out.テつ As you move forward, do you have to monitor your body to make sure that mentally and physically you can make it through here for four rounds?
DICK MAST:テつ Advil.

Q.テつ Quick little endorsement there.テつ And I'll finish with this:テつ As you progress in the round No. 2, being where you are right now in the scoring, do you feel comfortable with that or do you look back and say, man, a miss here, a make there, who knows where I am.
DICK MAST:テつ Well, I try to be patient, be thankful, grateful, just do the best I could.テつ And if I can keep that attitude and my body feels as good as it did today, then hopefully I can be in contention and we'll see what happens when that time comes.

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