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May 23, 2013

David West

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ (Indiscernible) that impacted you guys just as much.
DAVID WEST:テつ We talked about that this morning, there were a few plays we left out there on the floor.テつ A couple of loose balls we didn't get to.
There were at times it crashed, offensively, five guys going after the basketball.テつ Some one‑on‑one plays we didn't make again that we've been able to make throughout the year.

Q.テつ Free throw shooting.テつ It's not often we see even you, as good‑‑
DAVID WEST:テつ Yes, again, we talked about that.テつ Just left too many plays out there.テつ That's a part of it.テつテつ At this stage of the game you can't leave that many plays out there on the floor.テつ The margin for error is so much smaller than it was last round, the first round.
To win a game in this kind of environment, you almost have to play perfect.テつ We understand we didn't do that.

Q.テつ Roy said he needs to be more assertive, he needs to tell Coach Vogel I have to be out there for that final possession.テつ Is he right?
DAVID WEST:テつ I mean, hindsight is always 20‑20.テつ We know he wants to be out there on the floor.テつ Looking back at it, probably should have been on the floor.テつ Again, we still had the chance to make the play.テつ Our defense is designed to‑‑ for guys to come over and make that play regardless of who is down there.テつ Maybe it's not as natural for smaller guys to do it, but our defense is designed for everybody to make a play on the ball.

Q.テつ If Roy is out there, what happens when LeBron goes to the basket?
DAVID WEST:テつ Honestly, I think if Roy is out there, they probably run a different play.テつ I think part of the play was when they saw that he wasn't out there, the paint was pretty open.
LeBron made a heck of a move.テつ He went so fast, just caught everybody kind of off guard.テつ That's why he's the best player, man, because his instincts are so great.テつ He's able to keep everybody on their heels, not just at that moment, but throughout the game.

Q.テつ Can a big guy 7'2" get across the lane in the flash of a second?
DAVID WEST:テつ Again, you know, it was just a tough play to call, man.テつ Obviously, if Roy is out there we hope he's over there to make the play.テつ But again, you just don't know what the play would have been if he's out there.

Q.テつ You've been a part of so many games.テつ Was there any point this morning you woke up and like, did all of those crazy things‑‑ did that really happen?
DAVID WEST:テつ Yeah.テつ I thought we played hard enough.テつ Maybe just didn't make enough plays down the stretch to win.テつ But our effort was where it needed to be.テつ We're going to need a similar effort tomorrow night to give ourselves a chance.テつ Just‑‑ we can't leave as many plays as we left out there on the floor.

Q.テつ There were some crazy plays.テつ Paul twice, unusual.
DAVID WEST:テつ Yes.テつ But PG's confidence is growing day by day.テつ He works on shooting those deep threes.テつ Again, I thought he got as good a look we could ask for in that situation.テつ He came through and made a play.

Q.テつ He's pretty hard on himself, Paul.テつ He said I made a bonehead defensive play.
DAVID WEST:テつ We talked about that last night.テつ Again, our defense is not designed for one guy to carry the brunt of the responsibility.テつ So we all could have done a better job of helping him out.テつ We don't like leaving our guys out there on an island, so to speak.テつ Again, you just got to let that play‑‑ you've got to let it go.テつ Obviously we'll be prepared if it comes to that in Game 2.

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