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May 23, 2013

Mike Conley, Jr.


MIKE CONLEY:  They're going to come out and play their style of basketball.  They're going to play hard.  They've always played that way.  They have a very disciplined team.  We just have to step up to the plate and match their effort and their level of intensity.

Q.  What's the key to getting better spacing to start the game?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, we've got to knock down some shots, and I think if we start knocking down some outside shots, it'll free up some space for our big guys and for our guards to penetrate, and that's the biggest thing.

Q.  Coach said he even thought about changing that starting lineup but decided against it.  Is that almost panic mode at this point?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, yeah, I don't think you need to mess with that.  We'll get lineups out there sooner than later to try to get that spacing that we need if it comes to it.

Q.  Where do you see Tayshaun struggling the most from your vantage point?  What's going on with him?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, obviously I think that getting him some easy looks will help.  I think he's had to take some shots that he might not feel as comfortable taking, whether it's late in the shot clock or off the dribble, whatever it may be.  We've just got to try to get him some good looks to get his confidence going and see it go through the hoop.

Q.  How much does the disappointment from Game 2 linger?
MIKE CONLEY:  You know, I don't think it's lingering much.  I think obviously we're disappointed we lost, but we did a lot of good things in that game that showed that we can play with this team and we can beat this team.  We're trying to take away the positive from it and move forward.

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