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May 23, 2013

Roy Hibbert

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ We possibly had a chance to win the game.テつ Win the series.テつ It's a long series.テつ It's going to be tough.

Q.テつ Based on last night, do you expect it to keep like this?テつ So close?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ Yes.テつ Every possession matters.テつ Clichテδゥ stuff, but we were right there with them.テつ I don't think we played our best ball.

Q.テつ Roy, do you feel like too much might be made into this mismatch or match‑up problem with Bosh?テつ Do you guys over‑think that sometimes?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ We have a plan for it.テつ If I'm on Bosh, I have to do a good job of moving my feet and competing.

Q.テつ What's so tough about Chris Andersen, the way he's sneaking back door and everything‑‑
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I just have to go over and help.テつ Some guys line drive to the basket, and they dump it off to him and he's able to score.テつ So I have to pick my poison.テつ LeBron coming into the lane or Birdman in the short corner.

Q.テつ Is there something about him that he's doing, or is it all about the way LeBron‑‑
ROY HIBBERT:テつ He's able to finish in the paint.テつ The guys they had last year weren't able to do that.テつ He's (Indiscernible) this year.

Q.テつ Isn't it a dangerous element‑‑ I know you didn't do it maliciously‑‑ but kind of second‑guessing the coach?

Q.テつ When you're saying‑‑ I know Paul George said it would have been better if Roy was out there.テつ I know you said I wanted to be out there.
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I'm not second‑guessing him.テつ He made a choice.テつ I lived with it.テつ If I was out there, maybe something would have been different.テつ But we're all behind Coach, and his decisions.テつ This time it didn't pan out.

Q.テつ How hard is it to put a loss like that behind you?テつ Is amnesia easy?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I mean, it's still burning in my soul, in everybody's soul.テつ We're going to get ready for this game tomorrow.

Q.テつ Roy, is it tougher with the front court, two natural bigs with Udonis, Chris Andersen, Chris Bosh, or when Battier‑‑ just one of the two?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I'm fine with either one.テつ Battier is in there, David has got them.テつ He does a good job of defending him.テつ When Bosh is out there, I have to make things tough for him when he tries to score over me, and not give him any easy open looks at the basket, jump shots.

Q.テつ In terms of using LeBron on Lance and Wade on Paul George, LeBron kind of freelanced a little bit helped out on you a couple of times.テつ Is there a way you guys can counteract that or does Lance have to make the shots to keep them honest?
ROY HIBBERT:テつ I mean, if Lance makes shots, you know, you have to keep them honest.テつ But it is what it is.テつ We have to figure out a way to win.

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