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May 20, 2013

Mike Conley, Jr.


MIKE CONLEY:  Marc is a great leader.  He leads vocally but he also leads by example.  He's always one of the first ones in the gym, one of the last ones to leave.  His work ethic is noticed by everybody, and we need that, and he's been great for us.

Q.  A long film study and a long practice, what did you see on video and what did you work on this afternoon?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, a lot of it was defense.  Obviously we hang our hat there, but we made the first and second efforts, but the third and fourth weren't there.  We were stopping the first penetration but then the second and third we were kind of getting lost in scramble situations.  So we worked on that a little bit and just offensively getting our pace back and trying to find different options, trying to find different options to get Zach the ball and in good position to score.

Q.  A lot was made of Zach getting 11 touches.  I know some of that may be on him.  Is there anything you can do as a point guard to create better angles for entry passes and maybe how you adjust your game in sync with Zach?
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, I think the more aggressive I am the more it'll open up for him, and that goes for everybody, because they're doing a great job of finding him and they're doing a great job of limiting his touches, so we have to be more aggressive as his teammates, getting into the paint, creating our own offense and creating opportunities not only for ourselves but for him.

Q.  Obviously you never want to be down 0‑1 but you've done it in the previous series and have come back strong in Game 2.  Talk about the adjustments and kind of the mindset of coming back after starting off with a first game loss.
MIKE CONLEY:  Well, we adjust I think pretty well to teams, and this is no different.  We have to come out and make the same adjustments and stick to those adjustments and trust them.  This team is so disciplined that they're not going to stop doing what they're doing.  They do what they do very well.  They're the best in the league at it.  We have to try to adjust as best we can, go out there and work and give better effort than we did last game.

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