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May 20, 2013

Quincy Pondexter


QUINCY PONDEXTER:  They were making shots.  Tip your hat off to them, they played a great game.

Q.  Is it a pick‑your‑poison thing tomorrow because if you don't help on the drive those shooters are open but if you're one‑on‑one with Tony Parker he can get to the rim?  They put on a clinic yesterday so how do you defend that in Game 2?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  They definitely gave a clinic yesterday.  We're going to have to watch a lot of film and come up with a great game plan.  We've still got some time to decide where we're going to attack them, where we're going to let their shooters not get shots.  A lot of film to digest in the next couple hours.

Q.  Was it tough to put your head on the pillow last night after what happened?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  I played terrible and we lost.  It was tough to sleep, especially when you have SportsCenter in the background playing over and over again what you guys did wrong and how San Antonio kicked your butt.  We're going to learn from it and we're going to move on, and hopefully we come out with a couple wins out of this.

Q.  They definitely have an edge in terms of numbers.  They played 11 guys in the first quarter, but you being one of the keys off the bench, you definitely have to step up in this series, right?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  The bench has to step up, but as a team we're all in it together.  You can't just say, oh, it's the bench, it's the starters.  It's all of us bonded together and trying to get wins.  Coach is doing a great job of giving guys minutes, and we're going to have to learn from this, learn from this heartache and hopefully build on it.

Q.  How does it come back from Game 1 to Game 2?  You were on a roll in Game 1.  How do you keep the roll going from Game 1 to Game 2?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  Man, it wasn't much of a roll.  We lost.  I don't really care about how I was doing.  I'll give all those points away just to have my team win.  Just got to stay focused, stay within the team frame and hopefully I'll have another good one.

Q.  What were some of the key elements of today's practice?
QUINCY PONDEXTER:  You know, we watched a lot of film.  We're moving the ball.  We got really stagnant on offense a few times and we really got into moving with more of a pace, more of a rhythm on offense today in practice, and we had a pretty intense practice.  We really want to get after it, especially tomorrow.

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