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May 19, 2013

Keegan Bradley


THE MODERATOR:  Keegan Bradley, thank you for taking the time to come down and talk to the media.  It was a disappointing finish but you had a great week all in all.  If you want to talk about your thoughts on the final round and then we will have questions.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed but Moon played very well.  He played better than me today, so I'm happy for him.  First win out here, he deserves it.

Q.  After a course record 60 on Thursday, was the wind your biggest obstacle the last three days?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, you know, I just didn't play great today, but I hung in there.
I chipped away, I was down 4 early on.  I chipped away and got it back to even with four to play, which is all that I could have asked for, and when I made that putt on 15, I was pretty confident that I was going to win this tournament.  But I missed that putt on 16, which was very disappointing and Moon hit great shots on 17 and 18, 18 especially.

Q.  The lead switched on 3.  What happened on 3?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  On 3 I hit a really bad tee shot.  It's a very awkward shot for everyone, especially for me.
I just hit 3‑wood and pushed it a little bit, actually made a great 5, and then he made a 30‑footer for birdie; he made a couple of those.  That's what you got to do to win you got to make a cup of those on Sunday.

Q.  (No microphone.)

Q.  The shot on 17, what were you thinking?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  One of the reasons why I can't be disappointed is because I hit that right down my line, right‑‑ perfect.  I just hit it too good; I ripped it through the wind.  I hit 6‑iron.  I never would have hit 7.  If it lands‑‑ it was right down my line.  Just one of those shots that maybe I was jacked up, maybe I hit it too good, maybe the wind died.  Could have been bad luck, you never know, but I hit a great chip, a perfect putt.  I read it wrong.

Q.  (No microphone.)
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  It was in and off the left, yeah, tough wind.

Q.  Keegan, you dominated the par 5s for the first three rounds, and obviously that wasn't the case today.  Was there anything different there?  Did you see anything different, a different line there at all?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Well, I mean, on the 7th hole today I hit a 8‑iron in, hit a good iron shot and it got hammered by the wind, hammered.  I thought it was perfect, and on 16 today I missed a 4‑footer.  Nothing I could have done differently.  I actually played pretty solidly today, great drives, great shots in, with the wind you get a bad gust, you never know what could happen, so nothing I would have done different.

Q.  When you look at the scoreboard during the day, what were you thinking, just hang on, I can move up by just staying where I am?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  You know, I kept telling myself that 17 and 18, you know, you could be four back and win the tournament if you hit two balls in the water, make two doubles, which is easy to do.  Even going down 18, all I needed was Moon to hit one shot off line and I'm right in it but unfortunately‑‑ not unfortunately, I'm happy for him, but he hit a great drive and a spectacular second shot.  When he hit that shot there, I hit it more toward the center of the green because‑‑ but he played great and I just figured if I could hang around.
I love being in contention so I figured if I could hang and hang and hang, somehow I would find a way, but just that putt on 16 was the end of it.

Q.  How long does that stick with you, Keegan?  Are you able to forget about it pretty fast?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I'll forget about it.  I wouldn't have hit the putt any different.  It's surprising to miss like that.  I'll be fine‑‑ I'll get rid of it.  I have to look at the positives this week.  I'm programmed‑‑ I want to win so coming in second is great, which I'll love tomorrow, the next day but right now it's a little disappointing.

Q.  You talked about the end of last year, the comments made about the belly putter, did you hear anything like that this week?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  No, I told Peps on 16 I felt like Phil.  When I played with Phil the fans are so on his side I always wonder what that feels like, and I told Pepsi I felt like Phil today; the fans are so great to me here.
I didn't hear anything of it.  In fact, that's really died down in the last couple months.

Q.  Keegan, last night or at all today, did any thoughts of the company that you could possibly be joining if you won today creep into your head?
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  Yeah, you look around in the champions' locker room you're getting ready to play, you see the names that have won, won twice.  It would have been special.  I'm hoping to come here for another 20 years so hopefully I can get another one or two.
I feel like every time I come here I'm going to have a chance so I look forward to coming back here again next year.

Q.  And you conquered 18 today.
KEEGAN BRADLEY:  I finally hit the fairway and made par.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Keegan. 

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