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May 19, 2013

Charl Schwartzel


Q.  You bogeyed the last hole, but you played well.  The putter let you down.
CHARLES SCHWARTZEL:  It was really good playing.  I thought I hit the ball unbelievably, controlled it well in the wind, and the putter was as cold as it can be.  I hit one bad shot on the last hole and was penalized with a downhill lie, so what can you do?

Q.  You've got to be proud of yourself.  It was tough out there in this wind, wasn't it?
CHARLES SCHWARTZEL:  It was really difficult.  It was gusting and to get the club selection right and control your golf ball was really more difficult than most tournaments we play in.
In that sense I'm very happy with the way I played, but thought I could have gotten something out of this.

Q.  You were at 18, 11‑under, did you feel like you needed to make birdie at 18?
CHARLES SCHWARTZEL:  I think if you can leave yourself with a 20‑footer, essentially in this wind you can't really shoot that.  So I was going middle of the green and coming from an upslope lie.  I blocked it a little bit and the wind took it to the right.
That's unfortunate, leaving me a downhill lie.

Q.  Martin Kaymer said it was like a British Open out there without the rain.  Give us some comments on the conditions.
CHARLES SCHWARTZEL:  It sure was.  It was gusting and you had to be able to control your golf ball, you've got to shape it both ways and keep it low, all sorts of things.  It really takes the skill on the way your golf swing is.

Q.  Looks like you got close there for a while.
CHARLES SCHWARTZEL:  The whole day I thought I kept it close, starting in the back nine, I felt like I should have had five birdies in a row down there.  The putter really let me down most of the week.  Played well on Thursday but after that it was a struggle with the putter.
But I'm very happy with the way I hit the ball today.  I thought it was fantastic controlling it, and it felt to me like on 18 I had the bad shot of the day today and got even more penalized with the down slope, but all in all satisfied.

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