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May 19, 2013

Thomas Aiken


Q.テつ Unlucky, being Thongchai beat you the first match this week and again; what makes him such a hard man to beat?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ He just didn't make any mistakes today.テつ Not only that he sunk every putt that was makeable, and you know, every time I tried to come back, he halved the hole with a birdie.

Q.テつ 3‑down at the turn, at what point do you start taking risks?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Well, I was 3‑down after four holes, and I lost them to birdies‑‑ he stiffed it on 7 to make birdie on that hole and I made birdie on 8 to beat him, so it was a birdie‑fest.テつ And then three down at the turn, needed to make birdie, so I birdied 10, halved the hole.テつ We both hit it to give on 11 and hit birdies and halved the hole and sunk a great one on 12 to get it back to 2‑down.
Then knew I needed more birdies, and I hit two good shots on the next and unfortunately lipped‑out, and he made birdie and went back to 3‑up.
Then didn't make birdie on the next, and we halved and pars and just wasn't good enough.テつ Needed to make more birdies.

Q.テつ You're the only man in the semifinals to have played two matches yesterday and the day before; how grueling has that been?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Yeah, I can't remember the last time we played 36 holes two days in a row and then another 18.テつ It's a bit tiring.テつ I've got a few blisters.
But you know, in the end, Thongchai played better golf than me and he's a deserved winner and couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Q.テつ BMW PGA Championship next week, flagship event of The European Tour; can you recover by then?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Looking forward to it.テつ I love Wentworth.テつ Hopefully the weather is a little bit warmer.テつ It's been freezing back there but we've had good weather the last four years there and it's great when you've got good weather there, because you get a lot of spectators coming out to watch.
And it's a fantastic golf course when the weather is good.テつ When it's bad, it can be ugly.テつ But obviously a big event and something that I want to do very well in.テつ So rest up the next few days and get ready for Thursday.

Q.テつ Coming into that tournament, what's the most positive thing that you take from this one?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Well, I played some really good golf this week, and it's a nice test out there for next week, because it's quite narrow here, which is the same at Wentworth and it's getting very bouncy out there.テつ I don't know if you noticed the difference between the last couple of days and today.テつ We saw some enormous drives that we thought, how did I get there.
But it's going to be a similar sort of golf course but obviously different weather, so just looking forward to a good week next week and maybe next week's the one to win.

Q.テつ Presidents Cup this year, obviously another match‑play event, are you hoping the captain is watching and seeing you play well here?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ I hope so.テつ I'd love to play in that tournament.テつ I love match play.テつ For the first time I would get play it as a pro and I loved it as an amateur.テつ I'd love to be on such a wonderful team.
We have a lot of South Africans and a lot of Aussies looking to make it onto that team.テつ Thongchai is another one.テつ I think we have actually got the best team on paper going into any Presidents Cup.テつ I think it's a team that will give the Americans a good run for their money, so it should be exciting.

Q.テつ This is your first Volvo World Match Play; what was your experience like?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Yeah, it was fantastic.テつ Volvo put on a great job for every event that they do.テつ Another spectacular event this week, and the atmosphere was great.
Even in a country that is fairly new to golf, you know, we had quite a few spectators out here the last couple of days, and you know, they were very supportive and fantastic golf course, what a spectacular view.
And also a great course to play, so all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the week.テつ Obviously a little bit disappointed to lose in the semis but it was a good week nevertheless and I would love to build on the confidence.

Q.テつ So it's one you'll be trying to qualify for next year?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ Most definitely, I'd love to play it every year.

Q.テつ And what's your impression of Bulgaria?
THOMAS AIKEN:テつ I thought it was fantastic.テつ First time here, and would never have thought that Bulgaria would be this beautiful.テつ I think it's a great destination for European holiday makers.テつ I mean, when you compare it to countries like Spain everything, and I think it's got the same if not more to offer and less people.テつ It's a nice, quiet holiday to get away with the family, fantastic golf holiday here.テつ Looks like they have got great beaches, so why wouldn't you come.

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