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May 18, 2013

Chris Wood


Q.  You've beaten Richard Sterne 5 & 3, six birdies on the card.
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, played pretty solid.  Holed a putt at the right time on 13 and 14 which I really haven't done at all this week.  These things happen‑‑ keep the momentum going and that got me 4‑up then.  I played solid.

Q.  Seven competitive starts this year; what's the most difficult thing about not playing competitively for several weeks and coming straight to this?
CHRIS WOOD:  Putting, chipping and putting.  I 3‑putted 11 or 12 from nowhere really, looking like winning the hole and going back to 3‑up.  A gust of wind put me off and blew my ball on the ridge and left my putt short right in the middle, things like that.
I said earlier in the week to my coach, I felt like it was going to get better as the week goes on and the more golf I can play.

Q.  Branden Grace this afternoon; thoughts on that?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, had a good year last year, but I feel like I'm playing well enough, so should be a good game, yeah.

Q.  Your thoughts on coming through what looks like it was going to be a close match?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, Sterne is a good player.  When I saw the draw last night, I thought it was going to be a tough game.  He battles and away and obviously been in good form at the start of this year as well.  He's a grindy sort of player which in match play is always tough to beat.
I felt like I never really gave him anything this morning and just played my normal game.  A bit of wind probably helped me, I liked playing in the wind and felt like just keep trying to play the fairways and middle of the greens and you're not going to be too far off.

Q.  The score suggests that you won easier than it actually was.
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it never feels as easy as the score line suggests.  Good example yesterday, Stephen Gallacher, felt like I was going along nicely and he fought back and eventually won two and won.
It's never easy to finish off matches here, because everyone's got the potential to make two or three birdies out here, so it's nice to finally get it done.

Q.  Not easy out there with the windy conditions today.
CHRIS WOOD:  Starting off it was really tricky.  A lot of gusts, as well.  I don't know what it got up to, but on the third tee there this morning, felt like I was getting blown off into the sea.  It was pretty gusty.  Yeah, but I like those conditions and the course is firming up a bit now.  I know the sun this afternoon, it's going to be pretty firm.

Q.  Branden Grace this afternoon?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, another South African; I beat one, see if I can beat another (laughing).

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