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May 17, 2013

Bo Van Pelt


Q.テつ Yesterday you felt that a halve match was fair; what about today's halve?
BO VAN PELT:テつ Feel very fortunate.テつ Obviously I was 3‑down again late in the match, and you know, got it back to 1‑down.テつ Geoff made a great eagle on 16 but it wasn't looking real good for me.テつ And so you know, I just feel fortunate that I get to move on.

Q.テつ 3‑down and six to play yesterday and came back for a halve; 3‑down and five to play today; were you able to feed off that energy of yesterday?
BO VAN PELT:テつ I just was trying to hit some good shots.テつ I was just saying, hey, let's try to make some birdies and see what happens.
You know, Geoff was playing well there in the middle of the round and wasn't looking real good, and you know, ended up with a halve.

Q.テつ You're the only American in the field; do you feel you're carrying the flag for the PGA Tour?
BO VAN PELT:テつ You know, a little bit.テつ The PGA Tour is kind of a worldwide tour and a lot of these guys are playing full‑time, but the only American, yeah, you feel like if you're going to come this far, you would like to represent yourself and your country to the best of your ability.

Q.テつ Ian Poulter won this championship a couple of years ago; having gone halve, halve in the group stage, do you believe in omens?
BO VAN PELT:テつ Well, this year is obviously a different year.テつ Any of the 16 guys can win.テつ You know, it's no reason to hold back now.テつ You just try to win in advance and whoever the 16 are, you're going to play somebody who is playing well.

Q.テつ Coming through two days in a row, that's something.
BO VAN PELT:テつ Yeah, I feel very fortunate yesterday and today to pull out two halves.テつ Excited about the opportunity to be one of the 16 to go on.テつ Anything can happen from here on out.

Q.テつ Does it say something about you, strength of character?
BO VAN PELT:テつ I think anybody out here, you play this game for a living, nobody is a quitter and you never know in this game.テつ Especially with this golf course, any one shot can really cost you so you just try to put the ball in play and keep the pressure on.テつ I didn't do a very good job of that for the good part of the day, and was able to make a couple of birdies and fight it out to the end.

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