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May 17, 2013

Shane Lowry


Q.  Superb victory and coming through in the playoff as well?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, it was a roller coaster of a day.  I played George this morning, played okay, struggled on the greens and got beaten there.  I knew I had to do a better job against Peter in the afternoon and managed to play lovely and hole a few putts and get a win nice and early.
Obviously we had a bit of an advantage, me and Peter, going straight to the first.  Played the first nicely.  Just missed a birdie putt and hit a beautiful 5‑iron into whatever, six or eight feet on the second and managed to hole it.
I was just saying to Darren, my caddie, George is a bit unlucky with the way it worked out.  He's got the whole afternoon in his room and we've seen the second hole already.  We've hit the shot, and it was pretty much the same club as we played earlier on.
So I knew it was just a nice, perfect 5‑iron, so happy enough.

Q.  How did you regroup after losing first thing?
SHANE LOWRY:  Actually I had a quick chat to my coach on the phone at lunchtime.  I really, really struggled on the greens and my confidence was pretty low.  He just gave me a few pointers.  He knows me inside‑out, and managed to work in the afternoon so happy enough.
I don't know who I'm playing, I'm looking forward to it.  Can't wait to get back out there.

Q.  Enjoying this place?
SHANE LOWRY:  It's beautiful.  One major bonus is you get to play this golf course again.  It's a great place and it's great to be here.

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