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May 17, 2013

Felipe Aguilar


Q.テつ You had to beat an in‑form Henrik Stenson to qualify for the last stages; how does it feel to do just that?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Good.テつ Starting the day today, I knew this was the match I needed to win because no matter what happened with Francesco, I needed to win this match.テつ So I'm quite happy.テつ I played pretty good.テつ I think the difference was I didn't make any bogeys, so I played like medal play and only take a risk on a few holes so I'm quite pleased.

Q.テつ Henrik Stenson earlier in the week said:テつ I'm going to tell Felipe jokes when I play with him to put him off; did he?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ We started that way.テつ Actually it was pretty fun.テつ I like playing with him.テつ He's such a nice guy and we have known each other for such a long time.テつ We usually have a blast and we threw a couple of jokes throughout the round.テつ It's fun.テつ He was a really good person to play with.

Q.テつ You're the highest ranked in terms of World Ranking in this field this week but presumably amazing how in match play, you can feel you can beat anyone, don't you?
FELIPE AGUILAR:テつ Match play plays a little bit different than stroke play.テつテつ Yes, I'm the highest‑ranked, but, well, it's what you said.テつ Match play is a different story and you play hole‑by‑hole no matter what you do, and you play a different match every single time, so anything can happen.テつ Maybe I wasn't the favourite even to pass the top eight, the top 16s, but actually I like to be the underdog.

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