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May 17, 2013

Chris Wood


Q.  Was the difference in your play or that of your opponent?
CHRIS WOOD:  A little bit of both I think.  I played pretty similar yesterday as I did today.  Obviously playing someone like G‑Mac yesterday, yeah, I showed a little bit of rustiness, not played a lot of golf recently.
To come in straightaway against obviously the top seed here and a player like that is always going to be difficult, but I gave him a couple of cheap hopes yesterday.
But today, played very similar, and probably Stevie gave me one or two holes to start with and gave me a lead, a bit of a cushion, which turns out I needed in the end.

Q.  How are the emotions, you're 5‑up after 11 and cruising home, and suddenly he wins three holes in a row; what's going through your mind?  What are you thinking?  What are you feeling?
CHRIS WOOD:  I was playing nicely really.  I missed about a 5‑footer for birdie on 12 and obviously he knocked his in.  That was probably a bit of a turning point really.  I haven't holed a putt at the right time yet, and then he birdied the next.
Yeah, you're going to get that with sort of the standard we have got here.  They are all good players and if you give them half a chance, they will take it.  I'm glad to eventually get the win.

Q.  It's possible your group could end up with two points each; you're allowed to play a few holes to get re‑familiarised, will you do that?
CHRIS WOOD:  No, I'll head back to where we're staying for a bit and keep an eye on the scoreboard I think.  Obviously I'm pulling for G‑Mac this afternoon, but Stevie is more than capable of beating him.  We can only see.

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