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May 16, 2013

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


Q.テつ Match looked like it was very much going your way, tell us about that second shot to the last, very special.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ It was nice, I had 161 meters.テつ I hit a 7‑iron.テつ I wasn't very happy with the lie because the ball was well above my feet and the wind was left‑to‑right, and of course after Jamie's shot, it was more difficult.
But just took a gamble there and instead of aiming left, I went straight at it and just the wind held it nicely and it was perfect; so thanks to my caddie, as well.

Q.テつ 4‑up and seven to play, what are your emotions as he's chipping away?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ It's never a good feeling.テつ Unfortunately he made a good birdie at No. 12, which I couldn't match.テつ Then I lost‑‑ well, I put the ball in the bushes on the 14th, and all of a sudden the advantage was only two holes.
And I think on 16, I lost a bit of concentration after his tee shot just ended up by the edge of the path and he had to play left‑handed and he made a magnificent bogey and I wasn't able to match his shot, missing a really, really short putt.
But I'm really happy, especially the way I played the last couple of holes.テつ I holed two important putts, 17 and 18, so we have to take the positives.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on coming through a first‑round match with a victory like that?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ Very relieved, especially the way things happened, 4‑up after nine holes, and all of a sudden the advantage was two holes going down the last.テつ And Jamie hit a fantastic shot within six feet and I was very happy to put it inside that and hole the putt.

Q.テつ The pressure was on you; he could have halved the match.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ I know, I know.テつ I was feeling the pressure on last two holes, especially after the little miss on 16, I lost concentration.
One of the key things in match play is you always have to respect your opponent that he's going to hit the best possible shot, and I never thought he was going to make a birdie on 16, and all of a sudden I was facing a three‑feet putt to halve the hole instead of winning it.
So hopefully I've learned for tomorrow and like I say, we need to take the positives because there's been a few.

Q.テつ We are not going to go hole through hole but the fifth and the eighth, you holed putts on each of those that you probably had no right in holing.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ I know, I know.テつ And on both of those, I apologised to Jamie, I really felt sorry.テつ The one on 8 was just stupid long.

Q.テつ How long was it?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ At least‑‑ over 20 metres, easily, it had a break right‑to‑left and both of them went in just perfect.テつ Those things happen and it can be‑‑ in match play, it can be a turning point.テつ But Jamie did a great job, he hung in there and fought to the end and it was a very nice match.

Q.テつ Is match play a magic word?テつ You don't get to play all that often, first time at this event.テつ
GONZALO FERNANDEZ‑CASTAテ窶楼:テつ I like it.テつ I like it.テつ I used to play a lot of match play in my amateur days and I always liked it.テつ I think even though my record is not good, I've always enjoyed playing it and I think I'm good at it.テつ So hopefully I need to keep proving, especially to the new Ryder Cup Captain, that I can play this format.テつ

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