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May 16, 2013

Branden Grace


Q.テつ You've beaten the defending champion quite comfortably it appeared.テつ What was the secret to the fast start?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Just took advantage of the tough par 3s it seemed.テつ Obviously I made a good birdie on the second hole, which was key to get off to a fast start.テつ And then I think it was like a 45‑footer on the third hole, which just kept the momentum going.テつ And it seemed I hit a good shot every time Nicolas hit a bad shot, which kind of opened the door for myself the first nine.
So the first nine holes, just kept hitting good shot after good shot and I didn't really have to putt so that makes it a lot of easier.

Q.テつ 5‑up after nine holes; Nicolas Colsaerts, we know what he's capable of, incredible bursts of birdies.テつ Were you thinking, I have to keep focused here because he can produce these incredible runs?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ He is one heck of a player for winning this event.テつ He's going to be in the right frame of mind coming back and trying to fight back.テつ But I knew he was going to make a comeback sooner or later.
But 5‑up was quite comfortable through nine holes and then he made a couple of birdies.テつ I didn't really make a lot of mistakes, but I didn't really make the birdies I was the first nine.テつ But it was nice to hang in there to the end and just make pars in.

Q.テつ How much match‑play experience have you had?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Not a lot as a pro but a lot as a junior and amateur.テつ You know, it's nice, it's something different.テつ You know, it's nice just to get up there and to play golf and just to be really positive out there, go for the shot, which you normally don't do at any other event.
It was nice.テつ I'm glad the day is over now.テつ I knew it was going to be a tough day so it's nice to be on top.

Q.テつ You've beaten the defending champion very, very nicely, that must be chuffed just to do that in that sort of manner?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Very chuffed.テつ It was quite a tough game for the first one out.テつ Would have maybe liked an easier one but in this format there's never an easy game out there.
It was nice, I really played‑‑ the form of last week was there and I kept hitting good shot after good slot the first nine holes actually.テつ Things went my way a little bit and just fortunate to hang on at the end.テつ Every time he hit a shot, I managed to hit a good shot or vice versa.
It was nice, I birdied all the par3s which was really good.テつ None of them are really easy but that was a big boost for a couple of holes.テつ Then like I said, you know, just my attitude, try to make the odd birdie but just keep it going.テつ I knew he was going to make a charge, but just take it as it comes.

Q.テつ You mentioned last week's form, but how are the energy levels, you go from China to the States now Bulgaria.
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Actually all right.テつ I'm a little tired, but I had a good sleep in this morning.テつ I had a lie in bed until quarter to ten this morning, so I feel really refreshed today.テつ Obviously now I can go back and do some practise, go back and have a nice relaxed afternoon and play again in the morning.

Q.テつ You have great affinity with Volvo.
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ Yeah, I don't know what it is with the Volvo events and me but it's been good.テつ I'm definitely going to try to give it my all this week and see if we can make it three.

Q.テつ Do you relish match play?
BRANDEN GRACE:テつ I haven't played it a lot but I like it.テつ It's a different for the.テつ We don't get to go after shots as much as we do in match play, so it's a bit different but it's a good different.

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