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May 16, 2013

Peter Hanson


Q.  Your thoughts on a very tight victory?
PETER HANSON:  It was tight.  We are not playing great anyway.  I was struggling a bit off the tee and this course is very penalising.  I mean, if you hit it off the tee, you're lucky if you find the golf ball.

Q.  You don't often win holes with a double‑bogey, do you?
PETER HANSON:  No, it's true.  This is one of the courses where you're probably going to see a lot of that this week.  We didn't have a lot of wind today but if you hit it a little bit off line, and how firm it is now, you're going to kick into some bushes and some trouble here.
It was probably not very pretty to watch but a win is a win; I'll take it.

Q.  I take it you like this place, just about everybody does.
PETER HANSON:  It's fantastic, it's so beautiful.  Even now when we are playing, focusing on trying to win our match, when you stand on that 12th tee and 11th tee, with the views, sometimes you just have to stop and breathe it in and try to enjoy it.

Q.  Almost surprising because we have not come to Bulgaria before and you turn up to this magnificence.
PETER HANSON:  It's spectacular.  Gary Player has done a great job here and it's just a scenic route.  If anyone would like to play golf, they would so much love to come here and watch this and play a fantastic course.

Q.  I know you like playing Volvo events; you've issued your apologies when you have not been able to make it in the past.  Great to play the Match Play once again?
PETER HANSON:  It is, playing the Match Play is always a tremendous amount of fun, and playing against these good players here.  It's always nice to start with a win, and another big game coming up tomorrow and once we get into the weekend, if I make it that far, it gets more and more exciting.

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