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May 15, 2013

Carl Pettersson


MICHAEL GIBBONS:テつ Many thanks for joining us here at the Volvo World Match Play, good to see you back on The European Tour, just thoughts and feelings ahead of the week to start us off.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, I was happy to get into this tournament.テつ It's fun to play match play.テつ I don't play match play that often.テつ I suppose it's a great opportunity to come here and see the golf course.テつ Looks like it's going to be a fun week.テつ It's a spectacular golf course for match play.テつ I think if it was a stroke‑play event, I would be a little nervous right now.テつ But I think this course is very well suited for match play, and it's nice to be back in Europe.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:テつ What were the most stunning holes out there today in the Pro‑Am?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Nearly every one of them.テつ I think No. 8, the par3, plays about 240, but we end up hitting 7‑iron, that's the one that stands out the most.テつ But really all the holes along the cliffs there are incredible. テつVery difficult, will be a lot of holes for par.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:テつ A quick word on your first round opponents, a couple of young guns, do you know anything about Thorbjテδクrn and Scott?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Not much.テつ I've seen them; I've met them I've never played with them.テつ Obviously they are very good, young players.テつ There's not going to be one easy match out here.テつ It's always difficult in match play, and it's going to be a challenge for sure, but I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Q.テつ Have about been comparisons between this course and Pebble Beach, would you compare them in your eyes or what course would you compare this to?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ It doesn't remind me of Pebble, because it's sunny and warm.テつ But reminds me of San Diego, Torrey Pines a little bit, not as many holes on the cliffs there, but I can't quite think of any course like this that we've played.
Obviously with the ocean and everything, it reminds me of Torrey Pines, a little bit of personal, but it's completely different.テつ It really is beautiful.

Q.テつ You talked about playing match play, there is the World Match Play in Arizona, how nice is it to have a change of format and play match play rather than 72‑hole event stroke play?
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, I think everybody enjoys it. テつWe kind of get used to playing these regular events, 72‑hole stroke play and I wish there was more match play.テつ I think it's part of the game that's kind of disappeared over the years, and I think all the players really enjoyed it, especially this format with the Round Robin; if you lose the first match, you've still got a chance.
It's a little deflating in the other match‑play events; if you play decent and lose, it's all over very quick.テつ So it sort of gives you a second chance with this format, which I think is nice.

Q.テつ (Colsaerts had a tie and a loss last year, got into a playoff and went on to win last year)‑‑
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, I that's a little bit different‑‑ but it's good.

Q.テつ Have you been here before ‑‑
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ No, I haven't been to Eastern Europe, but it was easy to get here.テつ Volvo was nice enough to put on a charter flight from THE PLAYERS, so it was nice.

Q.テつ Inaudible.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Well, I was very young when I left Sweden.テつ I was 10 when I left Sweden and I still play under the Swedish flag.テつ I know I'm Swedish but the majority of my life has been in America so I feel very American.テつ Even when I was playing The European Tour I was living in the U.S.
It's been very good to me and it's where I started my career and I think it was a great start and steppingstone in my golf career, playing in Europe, and I still enjoy coming over here.テつ It's just very difficult with two young kids and a wife to play both tours on a regular basis, it's very difficult.テつ I've mainly played in the U.S. but hopefully I can start playing a little bit more on both tours.

Q.テつ (Have you joinedthe European Tour‑ you have to be a Member to play on The Ryder Cup.)
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ I'm a Member of The European Tour this year and I'm going to be a Member next year.テつ It was a bit of an unfortunate thing last year but I don't really regret or think back or anything like that.テつ You know, I hope to make that team some day and I think it would be great to play on The Ryder Cup.

Q.テつ Would you like to play in the Ryder Cup
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, The Ryder Cup is phenomonal, it's great golf and great drama.テつ It's probably one of the biggest starting events in the world and I'd love to be part of that some day.

Q. Do you think it will be a challenge playing on both tours.
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ Yeah, it will be a challenge because I do play quite a bit on the U.S., about 28 events, so it will be a busy couple of years but I'm going to give it a shot anyway.

Q.テつ (How many events will you play on The European Tour next year?)
CARL PETTERSSON:テつ I haven't decided.テつ It will have to be‑‑ I don't know.テつ Towards the end of the year, we'll see what happens.
MICHAEL GIBBONS:テつ Thank you very much for joining us, good luck this week.

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