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May 11, 2013

Pablo Andujar


R. NADAL/P. Andujar
6‑0, 6‑4

(Through translation.)テつ

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Spanish, please.

Q.テつ Hello, Pablo.テつ How are you?テつ Congratulations for the tournament.テつ I wanted to ask you, you made it for the first time to a semifinal of a Masters 1000.テつ Do you think this is the top that you can reach, or do you think that one day you can make it to the final and win a Masters 1000?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, I cannot impose myself limits.テつ To limit yourself I think is the worst thing.テつ Even though subconsciously you maybe‑‑ maybe most of us have those limits.
In my case, I hope that I can repeat what I've done here and learn from this defeat.テつ I'm keep on looking forward.テつ I hope that I can remember this in a future semifinal of a Masters 1000.

Q.テつ What difference do you think there was, talking about your game and Rafa's game, comparing this game to the one you played two years ago in Paris?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ I think that Rafa played better.テつ Rafa committed very few unforced errors.テつ In the first set he has been very aggressive, and I was a little bit, you know, nervous.
But I remember that match where in the first set I was also nervous and Rafa committed a few more errors.テつ I was able to step in a little bit more in the court.
In this case, Rafa was much more superior than me in the first set.テつ That made my level go down a little bit and his level went up even more.
Talking about the second set, I think 6‑4 was quite fair.テつ Maybe perhaps could have been on my side because I had that option on 3‑2.テつ I had two break points, one of them with my second serve.
But that's like in football.テつ When you play Barsa or Real Madrid and you miss a clear occasion to make goal, the next occasion they score you a goal.テつ With Nadal that's what happens.
With a player like him, when you have the options and you don't take your options, afterwards, he does.テつ He uses his options.

Q.テつ I wanted to ask you about that ball when you were 3‑2.テつ The second serve you threw the ball out of the court.テつ Are you going to remember a long time that ball?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, no, not really, you know.テつ My life is not in this game.テつ My life is not this game.テつ I was playing 15‑30; I was doing a winner shot that way, and then I wanted to surprise him again.
I tried.テつ What kind of shot should I do?テつ Cross or parallel I was thinking, and I went for it late.テつ So that's what I'm telling you.テつ There are balls that you don't take your advantage against good players, and afterwards you pay because they were really good.
In this case, Rafa doesn't give you anything, and in the next point he played really well; then the next break point that I had he just made an ace.

Q.テつ How was the mindset after that 6‑0?テつ After that I'm sure you wanted to leave the court.テつ When did you change your mindset?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, I said to myself, I'm here; he has beaten me 6‑Love.テつ I felt I had lost everything.テつ I thought I was giving it for lost.
I said, Okay, try to evade yourself a little bit.テつ All the crowd and the people here were trying to cheer me up.テつ I just relaxed myself a little bit.テつ I tried to enjoy the match.テつ That's what I've done.
I played a little bit more aggressively.テつ I went a little bit more up to the net.テつ There were some more disputed games.テつ The second set was a good set and I don't regret anything.
Perhaps that ball, maybe if it had gone on my side maybe something could have changed today.

Q.テつ What do you take from this Masters 1000?テつ What would you take and not repeat in order to learn a lesson?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ The draw.テつ I would like not face Nadal next time.テつ (Smiling.)
No, I think try not to be so tight on those first games of a match.テつ Because when you're playing against rivals that are not the same as him, you know, smaller rivals, when you start a break down you can save it.テつ At 2‑3 maybe you do another break and then you're in the match.
Against rivals such as Rafa, and even playing at the level he played in the first set, I think it's really complicated.テつ I think then it makes you feel a little bit small, you know, because I felt that my ball was not harming him, that I was playing short and not hurting him.
Then I would try to evade myself a little bit.テつ I am here at a Masters 1000 semifinal here at home, and I would try to be a little bit more aggressive.

Q.テつ Right now your parents have been in the studio.テつ Apart from many other things they have told us ‑ and I will tell new the private because there are some secrets ‑ your mother told us that she had a little bit worse time in other matches because she even was nervous when she saw you winning the quarterfinals.テつ Today she was more relaxed and she saw you were really nervous with.テつ At 6‑0, did you think that a dream of playing a Masters 1000 was going to turn into a nightmare and you could hate the match rather than enjoy it?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Yeah, those things come into your mind, yeah.テつ I wasn't playing at my level, and the one that I had in front was playing very well.テつ That makes you feel very‑‑ as I said, it makes you feel inferior.
Then I said to Valencia I don't want to go by bicycle.テつ I just say, Rafa, please let me have a game.テつ Please let me have a game.テつ Well, it's true that, yeah, I was a little bit nervous.テつ I was having a little bit bad time in the first set.
But as I'm telling you, afterwards everything changed.テつ When I managed to win the first game in the second set.テつ Even though I had a break point I played well and went to the net and served well, and from then on the match changed.テつ Rafa maybe got his level.テつ His level lowered a little bit.
Well, I think that that's always due to the match was being really comfortable and maybe I played a little bit better in the second set.

Q.テつ Nadal has been seven months without playing; you played with him before and you have played with him after those situations.テつ Do you think there is any difference in the way he plays?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ No, no, no.テつ I think that nothing has changed.テつ Maybe before he used to move a little bit better in that era.テつ I think right now he's even more confident.
Roland Garros, even though he won it, maybe he's not moving as good as before; a little bit worse.
He also reaches balls that you say, Whoa, and he does some passing shots that are amazing.テつ Yeah, well, he moves a little bit worse, but inside his level, within his level.

Q.テつ How was your mindset towards this tournament and how is it right now towards the future?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, I'm reinforced because of the confidence of the matches that I played, but not happy or less happier because of the results in here.テつ I am the same player.テつ I am the same person of last week.
Yeah, well, it gives me more confidence, but tennistically talking it doesn't give me‑‑ I made it to the semifinal.テつ I'm not going to be like with my chest up there like I won't be able to walk in the door.テつ Not really.テつ I'm the same person.
And talking about confidence, after facing several matches here, yeah.テつ I've been able to beat three top 20 players this week.テつ Well, you know, the next time that I go there and play against a top 20 I can tell myself I can do it, I can beat them.

Q.テつ In the ranking you were 113, and in a week, thanks to a wildcard, you will be 50 something.テつ How do you assess that change?テつ And also sportly talking, maybe you can try to reach the top 30.テつ What do you think?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, I don't doubt that any single moment I can be up in the top 30.テつ If I keep on working and playing as I am right now, I think that will come.テつ I don't want to think about the future, but I think if I continue with the level that I have been playing this week, the ranking is fair.
If I was one 113 last week it's because my level was that of a 113th player.テつ If next week I am 50‑something, it's because my level is that.テつ I think that from the first of January until the 31st of December that will be my level.
I'm going to be confident and I'm going to believe that this level is going to be regular.テつ I will look forward to everything.

Q.テつ Do you remember Roland Garros 2011?テつ Today was not the same, but over there you were playing at a really high level.テつ Even the audience from France was supporting you.テつ Is it going to be like a catapult for you?テつ Will this push you?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, yeah, mentally talking this is going to give me a lot of confidence.テつ Looking forward to play many matches against players that are up there in the ranking that have a good ranking and a good level.テつ I can tell myself, Hey, you can win.
Look forward.テつ Your tennis is there.テつ You have it.テつ Because I think I'm playing at a really good level and I have a lot of confidence.
Well, you know, today in front of me I had the best player of the world.テつ It makes you feel and it makes you play worse than what you really do.テつ But what I'm thinking about is all the week and looking forward to everything else.

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