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May 11, 2013

Davis Love III


Q.  Great start.  I know you didn't finish the way you wanted to, but can you just talk about the finish?
DAVIS LOVE III:¬† Yeah, I really played the same all day.¬† I hit one too good on 17 and one a little heavy on 18 and made bogeys, which is disappointing.¬† I kind of got a little unlucky on 17 with my chip‑in.¬† Almost chipped it down farther.¬† If it had gone down another six inches, I could have at least had a par putt.
But I hit the ball actually better today, and even the back nine, 14 I kept hitting a bad drive or two bad drives.  The last two days that cost me three shots.

Q.  14?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, and I usually just bomb it down there on 14 and play that hole great.  Then I just hit a few heavy today.  I don't know if it was tighter fairways or a little excited.  I kept hitting really good drives, and then I fatted it in the bunker at 12, and I fatted it on 18, and I fatted it real close on 7.  I was trying to smash it on 9, and I fatted it and it just hit in the middle of the green and rolled right up to it.  Martin was laughing at me.
But I hit a lot of really good shots today too, like my drive at 18 and my two shots to 16.  I actually hit two good shots at 15.  I hit it way by the hole, and a good shot at 17, just the wrong clubs.

Q.  Were you between clubs there on 17?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, the wind was jumping back and forth from help to hurt.  It was left to right, and I just knew if I hit sand wedges, it wasn't going to get there.  So I was trying to hit a high pitching wedge somewhere in the middle of the green, and I absolutely crushed it.

Q.  It ended up on the sprinkler head, didn't it?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, sprinkler head and then a bad drop.  I was going to drop it just perfect and it bounced back toward the hazard line and in the deep rough.  Then I hit a good little flop shot, and I figured if I got it out over the green it would roll over the hill and it stopped.  It's hard to make bogey without hitting it in the water on that hole, so that's disappointing.

Q.  Can you talk about the neck.  Obviously, it's not bothering you at all.  You're playing pretty well.
DAVIS LOVE III:  No, the neck is good.  After six weeks, my neck was fused.  It was just getting my arm strength back, and I do have that nerve damage, like Peyton Manning had, that's going to take a while for all that to heal.  But it's like from my shoulder down now, and it's not in my back anymore which is great.  So I've made more progress than they thought, than I thought.  They say a millimeter a day your nerve will regenerate.  So they said nine months to two years I'll keep feeling better, but the strength was the hard part.
They tell me don't worry about it.  It might tingle a little bit.  That's okay.  That's just the nerve waking back up and that's part of the exercise.
But the strength, like yesterday my therapist checked me before we worked out a little bit and then she checked me after.  When she pushes up on my arms I fold up.  So I'm not there yet.  Like I couldn't probably play next week.  It wouldn't be smart.  I'll go back in the gym and get a little stronger.  I feel like in the last month I was gaining about 5 to 10% a week.  The first jump was like the first eight or ten weeks I just felt so much better, then it's just gradual.  It might take me all the way to the middle of the summer.
She wants me a hundred percent.  I keep telling her, I haven't been a hundred percent for a long time.  Go for 80, 80 is going to feel like Superman.
But today, honestly, the last three days is the best I've felt in the last two or three years probably.

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