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May 10, 2013

Pablo Andujar


P. ANDUJAR/K. Nishikori
6‑3, 7‑5

(Through translation.)

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Spanish, please.

Q.テつ Congratulations for the match.テつ You made it to the semifinals.テつ How do you feel right now?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ I'm very happy.テつ Very happy for being able to reach my first semifinals in my career, especially here in Madrid.テつ I think that I cannot ask for anything else.

Q.テつ Pablo, did you feel pressure when you were trying to close the first set and then the match, because the points were quite long?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, yeah.テつ You know, if I say no, I'm lying.テつ You know, I feel the pressure, yeah.テつ I feel the pressure, even though you try to evade yourself a little bit.
Well, there is a little bit of pressure in some special moments of the match.テつ In that case, I think that even the points were pretty long.テつ I managed to take them on my side and managed to be quite calm to be able to close them in the first and second set.
Those who are late, do they pay a Euro?

Q.テつ I wanted to ask you something:テつ In Roland Garros you took him to the limit in the first set, I think it was?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ In the third set.

Q.テつ In a closer match do you feel you have more options?テつ In a tournament like Madrid where the ball flies faster, do you think you have more options in tomorrow's match?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, let's say, favorite, of course, is him.
Well, I do believe I have more options playing in Madrid because it's a little bit faster.テつ And playing two sets, you cannot tell who's the worst player.テつ You don't see it so clearly.
It's true that in two sets the one who's a little bit inferior has the possibility to give the surprise.テつ And also, objectively talking, the fact that we have some altitude here in Madrid, I think it's beneficial.

Q.テつ Sorry I was late.テつ I don't know if they asked you before.テつ Could you tell us what happened to you to drop down in the ranking?テつ Also, everything here is work for you.テつ What has happened?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ Well, there are many, many things.テつ I'm a very solid player from the baseline.テつ I need to play and play.テつ I need rhythm in the balls.テつ I need long rallies.
Well, I lost a little bit the confidence at the end of last year, and I was training and training and training and I didn't manage to get the things working.テつ I didn't manage to get right feelings.
I kept on training and doing everything, but, no, it wasn't working.テつ Then in February I decided to change coach.テつ Not just because that was the reason, but I think that I needed a change in my tennis career, my tennis life.
Well, I managed to hire David Sanchez again, because with him previously I have made it to the top 100 like four years ago.テつ I continued training, and I think that also a new face in my life‑‑ well, you know, he's a very calm guy, and I think that he has brought me a lot calm.
We have been several months where I felt that I'm playing better, even though the results don't show it.テつ Day after day we had good results with people that play well, like for example Kohlschreiber in Monte‑Carlo.テつ I let it go when I had a match ball.
I was playing the way I wanted to be.テつ For six months what I hadn't been playing at that level that I wanted to.

Q.テつ How will you face this night? テつI guess with a lot of nerves?テつ What are you going to do to distract yourself?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ I have some friends living here in Madrid, and I'm having dinner with them every day.テつ So I guess that I will go to have dinner with them tonight.
But I don't know, because I have literally 62 messages on my What's App which never happened to me before.テつ They were calling me right now, so I don't know what I'm going to do.
But for sure I'm going to do the same thing as these days.テつ I will go to have dinner with them and try to be as calm as possibly enjoy this victory.
Well, tomorrow we will try to have fun again on the court.テつ I don't think I have to be thinking about tomorrow's match tonight.テつ I don't think I have to think about Rafa's match tonight.

Q.テつ Nishikori said that he thinks that you played really well and that he committed a lot of errors, many more than he thought he would commit.テつ There were a lot of expectations about him because he had beaten Federer.テつ Well, everyone was talking about him.テつ How did you face the match and how did you feel that the match went?テつ Were you surprised?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ No, I knew that it was going to be a difficult match.テつ I knew that there were going to be many long rallies, many long points, and that's what it was.
I knew he was going to be good player with a good backhand.テつ He throws you out of the court and surprises you with his parallel backhand.
I was just trying to play my game, trying to hit with my forehand, be solid in my backhand, and try to attack his second serve.
That's exactly what I did.テつ Well, I think that I have been able to be calm enough so that in the moments where he had break points, Love‑30, you know, and I think that has been the key point of the match, the points that have given me the victory.

Q.テつ You're winning a lot of different games, games on deuce and ones that you attack with your serve.テつ Normally you've had some problems in your serve.テつ How does it feel right now?
PABLO ANDUJAR:テつ My serve, we've been working on it for a long time.テつ During the last two months we've been working on it.テつ The serve is something very mental, so I think that I have done every set in my head, in my mindset, because I had never served badly.
So why was I serving badly?テつ Because I didn't have enough confidence.テつ Really there wasn't a technical problem.テつ It was a mental problem.
So I think that thanks to being able to separate myself, we're seeing that in important moments I'm serving pretty well.

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