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May 10, 2013

Billy Horschel


Q.  What happened on 18?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Hit a bad tee shot, and then I hit a great second shot or third shot and chunked it.  Whatever.  I played well.  Today I played a lot better.  Not many mental mistakes compared to yesterday, and I'm missing in the right spots.  I just played better than yesterday.
It's disappointing.  I never hit in the water there when I play the course, and there's just no bailout room on that hole, and it sucks, so whatever.

Q.  How exhausted were you?  You were kind of floating around a number, but how exhausted were you today?  It's been a long week.
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I wasn't exhausted.  I felt good today.  I felt more prepared for golf today than I had the whole week.  I understand that everything changes a little bit, little more media requests.  I've got to learn how to deal with that better so I prepare better, because I didn't feel prepared teeing it up yesterday.  I felt I needed another four or five hours of practice to feel like I put the work in I needed to.
It's a new learning situation.  It sucks that I missed the cut here.  I should have made the cut.  You look at‑‑ I can go back and look at my holes and the mistakes I made were just simple mistakes.  Obviously, I didn't make enough birdies to offset them like I have in the past.  So it is what it is.  Two weeks off now and we'll be ready to go back for Memorial.

Q.  Putt on 17 bounces out.  Obviously, did you think it was in the whole way?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I smoked the crap out of it; I was just hoping to hit the hole.  I left a couple putts going up the hill into the grain short, and I said let's just make sure we hit it, and obviously I did hit it.  It hit dead center of the hole.  I was hoping it may have bounced in, but it bounced over top of it.  But I got a break there and I didn't capitalize on 18.

Q.  How aware were you of the numbers?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I knew the number when I made the turn.  I knew what I needed to.  I knew I needed to make birdies and what the number was going to be.  I was trying to make as many birdies as I can; I wasn't just trying to get to the number and stop.  I was trying to get to the number and move on to get myself in a better position for the weekend.  Like I said, unfortunately, I just hit a bad, bad tee shot on 18.

Q.  What is the toughest part about today or this week?  Obviously, you were hoping to make the cut.
BILLY HORSCHEL:  The next two days being home and this tournament going on and me not being in it.  That sucks.  That's what's going to piss me off a little bit that I'm not playing the weekend when I should be playing the weekend.
But as I said, it's just added motivation.  I've got to understand the time restraints change a little bit.  I just can't go to a tournament and do my own thing anymore.  There are things I'm going to have to be obligated to do, which I'm more than willing to take care of; I just have to learn how to work that around what I need to do to feel ready for a tournament.
So, you know what?  Like I was telling Ernie‑‑ Ernie said to me you would have taken that win and missed the cut this week, wouldn't you?  And I said, yeah, that's a good way to put it.  I've won, so that was nice.
The cut streak means nothing.  You don't get a gold star at the end of the day or a gold medal or a million dollars for having the longest cut streak.  It doesn't mean diddly‑squat.  So we'll just be ready to go in two weeks when Memorial goes.

Q.  That second one on 18, I'm sure just frustration at that point?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  No, I was a little frustrated, but I had to hit a high 4 in.  I knew it wasn't going to be easy to stop next to the pin, so I was just trying to hit it high and it sort of hung back and chunked it a little bit.  I hit to hit an heroic golf shot to get close to making the putt, because obviously, where I hit the next shot, wasn't an easy putt to make.  So I was trying to hit an heroic golf shot to get it as close as I can to the hole.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  It's hard when everyone brings it up to me every week.  Yeah, I know about it, but I try not to think about it.  But it was nice 23, now I'll just start another streak.  This week means nothing.  Yesterday doesn't show how good I've been playing.  I didn't hit it bad.  I didn't do anything bad, except I made bad mistakes.  Course management mistakes out there, which I hadn't done in a long time.
So today was better.  I missed in the right spots and was patient with everything.  It was just one bad day of course management, because I shouldn't have been anywhere near this cut this whole week, but obviously I was because of course management.

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