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May 10, 2013

Adam Scott


Q.  You played the par‑5s in even par and still only four back.  Obviously you played well everywhere else on the course.
ADAM SCOTT:  I think I pieced my round together really nicely today.  Obviously there was a couple of errors, but that's very easy to do here.  But overall I played really well.  Trying to warm the putter up.  There were signs of it.  But the greens were a little tricky this year to really get a precise read on, and maybe saving a few for the weekend.

Q.  You're hitting it absolutely beautifully, though.  Have you ever hit it this well for this period of time?
ADAM SCOTT:  I think it's gradually getting better and better.  I've hit it fairly well all year, after shaking the rust off maybe in LA.  But that's the idea.  That's what I'm practicing for.  I'm trying to keep it as consistent as I can.

Q.  The shot into 14, what did you hit in there?
ADAM SCOTT:  I hit a 7‑iron from 187.  In the two days I haven't had too many great yardages to really force it to the back pins or any tight pins.  It's been in between a lot, and that one was just perfect for me to just hit a 7‑iron and let it release back there.  It was nice to take advantage of that one.

Q.  You also had a couple holes there, you had to putt first and you were like inside of three or four feet on 10 and 12, pretty good roll you guys had going in there.
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, they're pretty good players.  Give Steve Stricker a wedge and you know he's going to be putting from a few feet, and Rory is no slouch, either.  It's a tough act to follow, actually.  I was just happy to kind of grab their coattails and go along with them.

Q.  When was the last time you had played with Rory before this?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I don't think I've played with him this year, but I played with him last year a couple times.

Q.  What did you see in his game over the last 36 holes?  There's been a lot of discussion about all the changes he's made and whatnot.
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, yesterday I was only impressed.  I thought he looked very, very sharp yesterday, really liked the control he had on everything.  I mean, more than anything I think Rory's short game in the last two years has just matured beyond his years somehow.  It's phenomenal, I think, an amazing short game he's got for such a young guy.  I think he looks pretty sharp.

Q.  Assessing your own game through your first two rounds, how do you like your chances?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, well, if I keep striking it well, I do like my chances because I feel like I'm kind of wearing the course down a little bit.  I'm a little frustrated still today to bogey 18.  I'll have to curb those errors over the weekend to have a chance, but it's playing tough.  The greens are getting pretty quick.  You're going to have to be a little cautious out there.

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