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May 10, 2013

Casey Wittenberg


Q.  Talk about what you have to do this weekend to keep chipping away and find yourself there on Sunday.
CASEY WITTENBERG:¬† Obviously you have to play the par‑5s well.¬† We don't play a lot of semi‑major championship‑style golf courses with four par‑5s, and out here they give you a carrot to be able to go at them.¬† Obviously driving a golf ball is going to be the most important thing on the weekend, playing from the fairway and being able to put spin on your iron shots from the fairway on your approaches.

Q.  You had a chance to play the Dye's Valley right next door last year.  What's the biggest difference between these two courses?
CASEY WITTENBERG:¬† That one is a lot shorter and a lot more angles.¬† This is just a bigger golf course.¬† The greens are bigger, a little bit more undulation, and overall it's just fair, with a lot more penalty off the tee.¬† That's a great golf course over there, especially as a par‑70, and if you can play well over there you can definitely play well over here.

Q.  How much different is the feel of the tournament to you, too?
CASEY WITTENBERG:¬† Yeah, it's not even close.¬† This is probably‑‑ it's not a major but it's probably the closest thing to a major we play in all year, and it's great to be here and it's great to be playing some good golf.

Q.  You sort of held serve out there today.  How would you assess your round?
CASEY WITTENBERG:¬† Yeah, I didn't play as clean today as I did yesterday by any means, especially off the tees, but all in all I got some balls up‑and‑down, maybe made a few more putts from 10 to 15 feet and was able just to kind of hang in there.¬† It's one of those golf courses you don't have to be that far off to not be in the fairway and the adventure starts from there.¬† I was fortunate to squeak it out today, and I'll have to play a little bit cleaner on the weekend in order to keep progressing forward.

Q.  You're right in the mix, though.  Do you change anything for tomorrow's round?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  No, I don't think so.  I'm sure it's going to continue to get firmer and faster so maybe some of my club selections off the tees might change, but overall it's situational and we'll make the decision while we're out there.

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