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May 9, 2013

Webb Simpson


Q.  You put yourself in a position to make a bogey or two and you managed to avoid that.  You maybe got a little lucky on 13 on that par‑3, but you made a three‑putt from 60 feet?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, there was no little about it.  That was probably my worst shot of the day because I was indecisive.  I've been so confident all day in what we were doing, and that one there I was in between shots.  But I got away with one and made a nice two‑putt.

Q.  You're playing well.  You played extremely well a couple weeks ago at a similar golf course to this.  Do you feel like Harbour Town and this have a lot in common?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I do.  I grew up playing a Pete Dye golf course.  That's where I learned the game.  But I think similar to Hilton Head, you just kind of navigate yourself around this golf course one shot at a time, as we always say.  But I've never played well here.  My wife told me before the week started that I have nothing to lose, and she's right.

Q.  Quite well played, 67.  Tell me how good a 67 is in these afternoon conditions when the wind did pick up?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was playing a lot harder with the wind and the greens drying out.  But the scores were so good in the morning I knew I had to go out and try to make as many birdies as I could to save the golf tournament.

Q.  You like Pete Dye golf courses?  How much do you like this?  It's a tricky test, isn't it?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It is a tricky test.  I grew up playing golf on a Pete Dye course.  I've learned to play the game, so I've always had a special place in my heart for Pete Dye.  I've never really played that great here.  I've never had any good finishes, but I'm thrilled to death to start out at 5‑under.

Q.  Why is that and what do you feel you've learned about this course that helped you today and will help you for the rest of the week?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I think you've got to be patient and be smart.  You look at the guys that have won, and they're the guys that are on the fairway.  You know, today fortunately for me everything was working well, but I think the most important thing was getting the ball on the fairway.

Q.  What did your wife say start of the week?
WEBB SIMPSON:  She told me‑‑ we were talking about I never played well here but I like the golf course.  She said, well, you have nothing to lose.  So it took a little pressure off.

Q.  5‑under, 67, it's your best round to date.  Looking at your past rounds here, what wasn't clicking that was clicking today?
WEBB SIMPSON:  I'm not really sure.  I can never pinpoint it.  It was a golf course that I've always loved; I've just never played well.  There are few courses on TOUR that I really like and I don't play well.
But at the beginning of the week my wife was telling me that she thinks I have nothing to lose.  It's not like I built up any pressure on myself to play well here.  So that's what I did here today, and it feels great to finally breakthrough with a good round here.

Q.  We make a lot of this in the media.  Players that maybe don't play certain courses well but like them.  Is it hard to kind of keep a positive mentality entering courses that you don't have a great track record on?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It is.  There are certainly a few course that's I don't think I'll go back to just because I have really bad memories.  I do have bad memories here of not playing well, but in terms of the golf course, everything fits my eye well.  There are a lot of doglegs, and it's the kind of style course I grew up playing.  So it's a place where even though I've missed a few cuts, I didn't get a bad taste in my mouth.

Q.  Hopefully this round keeps you here for a few more years.
WEBB SIMPSON:  Thank you.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Just kept it in front of me, hit a lot of fairways and just a consistent day and great way to start out this tournament.

Q.  Was the wind picking up throughout the round?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It was.  Scores were low this morning with not much wind, but then blew pretty much the whole day.  I knew it was going to be tougher, but to kind of hang in there and to make some birdies it feels great.  I didn't make any bogeys, so that's always nice.

Q.  Obviously well played.  How do you feel going into the morning tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It feels good.  It's only Thursday, so we have more than half the tournament to go, and that's all I'm worried about is finishing round one and hopefully continuing to play tomorrow.

Q.  Coming into the tournament, you're coming off the playoff at RBC.  How did you feel?  Did you feel like you had this round in you today?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Absolutely.  My confidence is high.  Had a good week practicing.  It was there for the taking I felt like.  It was just up to myself to try to get out of the way and try to, you know, just put together a round knowing that I've been working hard and working on the right stuff, and, fortunately, that's what happened.

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