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May 9, 2013

Webb Simpson


Q.  Playing in the afternoon, usually it's to a disadvantage.  That didn't affect you?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, it was still tough.  It was blowing a lot and greens were a little more firm and fast.  But the greens were soft enough to where we still could get it close to the hole, and it feels great to walk off with a round like that with no bogeys.

Q.  You've said that you usually don't perform well here.  Did your round today surprise you?
WEBB SIMPSON:¬† No, it didn't surprise me.¬† I feel like I've been playing well now for a few weeks, and we had a good practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so it was‑‑ I expected to play well, but again, I didn't put that much pressure on myself to do that because I've never played well here.

Q.  When you saw that score early this morning, did you know you had to kind of get something going?
WEBB SIMPSON:¬† Yeah, I mean, to shoot 9‑under is an incredible round, and I saw other scores were low, and so put me more in a mindset of trying to be aggressive, trying to make birdies and stay in the golf tournament.

Q.  Tomorrow when you tee off in the morning, the advantage will be to you.  Does that make you increase your game?  Do you feel like tomorrow morning you're going to shoot even lower or be more aggressive with that?
WEBB SIMPSON:  No, I won't do anything different.  I won't put any expectation on myself.  There were still some high scores this morning.  It's still a hard golf course, so I'll go out and do the same I did today and try to take one hole at a time.

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