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May 9, 2013

Davis Love III


Q.  Is it nice to be back out there?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, it was a weird feeling.  I was trying not to be excited, but I was excited and nervous, and it was a good day.  I didn't drive it really well.  I was a little jumpy with a lot of swings, but I scrambled around and played pretty well.  Got a good score out of it, but it was fun.  It's nice to be back on the course.

Q.  You've been playing at home and things like that, so I'm sure there wasn't anxiety in terms of your health, but you held up really well?
DAVIS LOVE III:  Yeah, I held up really well.  Of course, I started off putting it in places where I had to chop it out.  I was digging it out of the weeds on 12 and playing some shots I really didn't want to have to play.
But, all in all, I felt great; my strength was there.  I'm just a little tentative on some swings, a little guidey off the tee on a few holes, and this course does that to you if you're healthy or not.  But I felt strong all day and I was excited about the way I played.

Q.  You'd always like to win a golf tournament, but what were your expectations coming into the week?  Just to play 72 holes and hold up?
DAVIS LOVE III:  They didn't want me to come back until they felt like I could compete.  I could have played at Hilton Head and limped around; I could have played in Charlotte and done okay, but they said let's just wait until you feel strong enough to compete.  And I felt like I was there.
I feel like this is a good day for me to get the nerves out of the way and just play.  Maybe from here on out, it will be a little bit normal golf.

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