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May 9, 2013

Steve Stricker


STEVE STRICKER:テつ The beginning of the back side, those are some holes you can take advantage of.

Q.テつ 11, 12, 13?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, and even 10.テつ When you get on the fairway at 10, there is a short iron in your hand.テつ But we all got off to a good start.テつ The whole group was 2‑under through the first three holes, and so it's fun to play and it's fun to be a part of that group.テつ You know, they're beautiful players, they've got great swings, and they've got a ton of talent between the two of them.

Q.テつ How much fun is that to keep up with a with them?

Q.テつ You're almost twice as old as Rory, did you know that?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ I feel like it too.テつ But I enjoy watching them.テつ They both have such great swings and demeanor on the golf course and a ton of talent.テつ They've got so much offense.テつ You know, I've got to do my things a little bit differently from how they do their things, but it's still effective for me.テつ But it's fun to watch them how they can kind of get really aggressive and dominate some holes if they want to, just like Adam did on number 9.テつ He just bombed it out there and hit iron in there.テつ I hit my Sunday best off the tee, and I've got 250 to the front where I'm just laying up.テつ It's fun to watch them.

Q.テつ But is it fun when you're effective and you're with that kind of young offense, as you say?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, no doubt about it.テつ When I get a little wedge in my hand and hit it in there a couple of feet, and they're on the green, I still end up tieing them for the hole.テつ It's still fun to go about my business.テつ That's what I've learned over the years; just do the things that I do well, play to my strengths.テつ I can watch them and have fun watching them, but then pay attention to what I need to do and I do best.

Q.テつ What on earth do you and Rory talk about?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ What's that?

Q.テつ What are you talking about?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ We were talking about his girlfriend, Caroline.テつ I was asking a bunch of questions about her, just because my daughter and wife are into tennis and we watch tennis.テつ I think we're going to go to the US Open Tennis this fall, so I asked kind of how she prepares and what kind of workout regimens she has and what their days are like.テつ Yeah, I don't care about Rory.テつ I was asking about Caroline.

Q.テつ They all led to you for the schedule.テつ They all want Steve Stricker?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Shoot, Adam Scott's got my schedule.テつ We were talking about that too.テつ You know, he's won a major, and I think he's only played one more than I have thus far.テつ So, yeah, we had a good time.テつ I have a ton of respect for those two kids, and it's fun to play with them.

Q.テつ What was it like when you were matching Rory birdie for birdie?テつ You were both 6‑under and birdied the same holes?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, never had the tee.

Q.テつ Does that spur you on a little bit?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Oh, yeah.テつ Like I said, I'm just trying to do my thing.テつ Think about my game and get it in the fairway, because my strengths are getting it in the fairway and playing consistent all throughout the round, get a short iron in my hand and try to take advantage.
Yeah, I never had the tee today.テつ I made six birdies and never got the honors.テつ So Rory and I birdied the same holes all the way around.テつ So it wasn't like I was trying to keep up or anything, I was trying to do my thing and take advantage when I could.

Q.テつ Did Nicki and your daughters give you any questions to ask about Caroline?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No, they didn't, but they're Rory fans.テつ My daughter follows them on Twitter and so do I.

Q.テつ You're on Twitter?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, I'm Tweeting now.

Q.テつ What is your handle?テつ Savage?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No, that would have been good, but SteveStricker.テつ Just plain old SteveStricker.

Q.テつ Adam said the only disappointment of the day was that he wasn't announced as Masters Champion.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ As soon as he hit and I'm like he came back and I was like that was a little disappointing.テつ I was kind of looking forward to you being announce as Masters Champion.テつ And he said that's going to be the most disappointing thing all week.テつ So, yeah, I was surprised they didn't announce him as that.テつ He had a little chuckle out of it too.

Q.テつ Do you think he'll sue?

Q.テつ (Indiscernible)?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ 4‑iron, 3‑wood, 4‑iron.テつ I didn't seem to get my pop off.テつ I hit 3‑wood, and I had some long clubs in at times.テつ I hit my driver as far as those guys hit 3‑woods, and obviously they're ahead of me.テつ But it left me back there quite a ways.

Q.テつ What kind of reaction are you getting from your commercial and the savage thing?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, I get a lot of yell outs, "Savage" and a lot of people like it.テつ I think I seem like a cornball during the commercial, but it's all good.テつ It's all in good fun.
We had a good time shooting it.テつ It was an all‑day adventure for 30 seconds.テつ But the first one that I'd really done ever, so all good though.

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