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May 9, 2013

Casey Wittenberg


Q.  Casey, good round today.  Just talk about your first round at THE PLAYERS Championship?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  Yeah, it was good.  I was fortunate to get off to a fairly decent start and continued that on the early part of the back nine.  Unfortunate to bogey the last hole, but I didn't hit a very good iron shot, and it's extremely difficult chipping around these greens.
But, overall, good round.  I'm happy where I stand, and it's a good place to be and hopefully I can continue to move forward tomorrow.

Q.  Pretty perfect conditions, huh?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  Yeah, I mean, I've played down here when it's been brutal, so it's very scorable out there today.  The greens are fairly receptive.  They're not soft, but they're not brick hard.  If you hit quality iron shots today, you should be able to score.

Q.  If you look at the scoreboard and you see that, does it almost add a little pressure to take advantage of some holes?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  Hey, look, it's the best field in golf.  You're going to have to get out here and play some great golf to be in contention.  I'm sure everybody's maybe adjusting a little bit to it.  Once you realize you can be a little more aggressive than you might think, I think the field will adjust to that.

Q.  How much will the course change in the next couple days?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  I think it will be drastic.  By Saturday afternoon, it will be about as firm and as fast as we want it to be.

Q.  Do you think playing in the morning was to your advantage?
CASEY WITTENBERG:  No doubt.  Anytime you can play a big event or what you would consider almost to be a major first or second group out, that is definitely a huge advantage.  I felt like I took advantage of that today, and hopefully I can continue it tomorrow.

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