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May 3, 2013

Jason Kokrak


Q.テつ Very steady play.テつ Give us your assessment of the second round here at Quail Hollow?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ I didn't really have my A‑game today.テつ I hit it really well yesterday, so today it wasn't as sharp.テつ But little windier out there.テつ The winds are swelling a little bit, so it's a little tougher out there, but I think it's definitely there to be had.テつ The greens are still a little bit soft, but I think the greens are actually rolling a little bit better this morning, so it was nice to make a few putts here and there.テつ So it was nice.

Q.テつ When we spoke yesterday, you mentioned you've lived in the Charlotte area for the last five years.テつ Talk about the comfort value playing here at this layout?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ Oh, it's right down the street from my house.テつ I can sleep in my own bed which is the greatest thing for me this week.テつ I've got a lot of family and friends that are coming into town.テつ It's nice, it's relaxing, and I get to have dinner at some of my favorite restaurants, sleep in my own bed, be home and hang out with my dogs and my girlfriend.

Q.テつ Based on that, your excitement level to play the weekend here at the Wells Fargo Championship, right in the thick of things?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ Absolutely.テつ It was unfortunate for me last year; I didn't get to play the weekend.テつ But this year I'm hitting the ball a lot more solid, so looking forward to the weekend and looking forward competing in front of my hometown crowd.

Q.テつ One off the pace going into the weekend.テつ Tell us about your round.
JASON KOKRAK:テつ I wasn't as sharp today as yesterday.テつ I really hit the ball solid and gave myself a lot of opportunities for birdie yesterday.テつ But today I wasn't as sharp.テつ Made some key up‑and‑downs and couple of nice putts to keep my round going.テつ But the winds are swelling a little bit more wind up there, so it's playing a little tougher than it was yesterday.テつ But we'll see what the wind does the rest of the week.テつ Looking forward to competing in front of my hometown crowd.

Q.テつ You touch on the winds being up.テつ Obviously, yesterday very dormant conditions.テつ Does it change the golf course dramatically or just enough to keep you honest?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ I don't think it changed the golf course too much.テつ I think it changes your shots and what kind of shots you have to hit into the greens.テつ The greens are still soft.テつ They rolled a little better today.テつ I teed off in the morning today and afternoon yesterday.
But I think it's just tougher to judge where the exact wind is and to judge the yardage correctly.

Q.テつ You mentioned hometown.テつ Forgive me for not knowing, you were either born here or moved here?
JASON KOKRAK:テつ I moved here moved here about and have been here about five years.テつ I'm originally from the northeastern part of Ohio.テつ I've been here a couple years now and enjoying it, and enjoying the family and friends I have in town.

Q.テつ Everybody has been talking about this is a home game for Webb.テつ This is a home game for you and Brendon?
JASON KOKRAK: テつAll of us.テつ There are quite a few of us that are originally from this area or close to here or live right here in town.テつ I live about ten minutes up the road just on the north side of SouthPark Mall.

Q.テつ What's this tournament mean to guys like and you some of those other guys that live in the area to win this tournament?テつ Even though it's not a major, it's certainly a great enough field and there is going to be a major held here in a few years.
JASON KOKRAK:テつ It's a major championship golf course.テつ This week the greens aren't in spectacular shape, but they're rolling better than they look, so it's not that bad.テつ It's definitely a difficult golf course, and it would be nice to win in my hometown, but it's also nice to win on a very tough track as it is.

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