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June 5, 2005

Richard Green


Q. Sum up your day, Richard.

RICHARD GREEN: It was a pretty good day really. A lot of good things going on. I felt like I'm playing good enough to win. At the moment I felt like things were going my way, but I might have missed a couple par 5s, and to win out here you've just got to make birdies on those holes. I think if I would have converted those to birdies, it was five shots better. One of the chances I had on 13 and 14, it could have been a whole lot different. I could see what I needed to do to win, and unfortunately a couple mistakes came in.

Q. Was 15 one of those holes where guys almost relaxed and are not as honed in because you're thinking birdie and eagle and you don't pay as much attention to the tee shot?

RICHARD GREEN: I was still in focus. I felt pretty comfortable on the tee and I hit a pretty good drive down there every day, and I just unfortunately came up out of it and made a bad swing, just one of those things that happened.

Q. Driver or 3 wood?

RICHARD GREEN: It was a driver.

Q. Did Adam say anything to you to encourage you during the day?

RICHARD GREEN: Adam was a good support. Obviously he wasn't playing very well. He had a pretty rough day, but he was good. He was always encouraging.

Q. After you got it to the fairway with your third shot on 15, how much did you have to the green?

RICHARD GREEN: I probably had about 218 yards, I think I had to the front edge. I hit a 2 iron pretty solid and just sort of ballooned up into the wind and just landed just short and run back down the hill. You know, I felt like with what I had on that hole, I gave it a pretty good go and it just didn't happen.

Q. What did you think of this tournament overall?

RICHARD GREEN: Oh, it's beautiful. It's all it's cracked up to be. It's probably as close as I'll get to playing Augusta. I'll be trying to get back there next year and hopefully a couple more weeks out here this year, I'll be back out here full time next year.

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