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April 28, 2013

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.テつ Your thoughts on this week?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, I'm going to take a lot of positives out of it.テつ The way I hit the ball, I probably haven't hit the ball this good in a while.テつ Yeah, after my first nine, my first round, I was a bit clueless on the greens.テつテつ Couldn't really make anything.
Yeah, today and yesterday, two awful tee shots on 13, and that hole cost me 5‑over for the two days, which is probably going to be, you know, not very good.テつ But all in all, I'm very happy.

Q.テつ And you wanted the kind of start that you had on the first day today; didn't quite get that but still a lot of positives from this final round.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, again, I came back nicely yesterday after that triple.テつ I played really well the last few holes, and today, I just wanted to get a good number in there to at least put my name somewhere up on the leaderboard.テつ A bit unfortunate about that hole.テつ But all in all, very positive out of this week.

Q.テつ Guess it bodes well, doesn't it.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, my next event is TPC, and it's nice knowing going into that event that I've played this well this week.

Q.テつ A little bit of time before then, so what's the plan?テつ Back home, a bit of work?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ I'm back to West Palm Beach tonight and going to work this week to sort out of putting.テつ There's still a few loose shots out there.

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