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April 28, 2013

Hyung-Sung Kim


STEVE TODD:テつ Well, Kim, many thanks for joining us and congratulations on a fine display today.テつ If you can just tell us how satisfied you were with your final round 67 today.
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Yes, I started off early today and with no wind, I was able to score well, and I'm pretty much satisfied with my result.
STEVE TODD:テつ You're currently the leading Korean player; how much of an achievement would that be for you?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Well, for the past three days, I wasn't really satisfied with my score.テつ However, for just today, I'm pretty much satisfied.
STEVE TODD:テつ And just tell us about the 18th hole.テつ You nearly ended spectacularly there, hit the flag and it could have been quite a way to win the tournament.
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Yes, I always thought that the tee shot is the most important thing when you're approaching the course.
So when I shot my tee shot, it ended well on the fairway, but unfortunately I missed my second shot.テつ Before I hit the ball, I hit the ground.テつ So it was kind of challenging at that moment.
But thankfully my ball didn't fall into the bunker, and because of that, I was able to spin my ball and although it was not intended, I was able to hit the pin.

Q.テつ First of all, congratulations on your good performance today.テつ And as you know, Ballantine's Championship is being held in Korea for the past six years now, but unfortunately I don't think that we will have a Korean player winning this time around, either.テつ So my curiosity, my question, is:テつ What do you think is the difference between the Korean players and foreign players?テつ What do you suppose the Korean players need to learn from them in order to win a match like this?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ So obviously the European Tour players, they have very good control over their ball trajectory.
I played up with him until yesterday, and Mr.Larrazテδ。bal was second on the leaderboard and I was able to see up close and personal how he plays, and I was able to tell that he has very good ball control.テつ He hits the ball low, middle and high, and he's also very talented in terms of short game, as well.
So I think that that is the major difference between the Korean players and European players.テつ They definitely know how to control their ball using a single club.

Q.テつ During this time of the year in Korea in April, we tend to have a lot of wind especially in the afternoon.テつ I can tell that Korean players, they start off really well and perform good in the mornings.テつ However, in the afternoon with the stronger wind, Korean players drop to the bottom of the list, so do you suppose that getting adjusted to the wind is the major difference?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Well, definitely, I think that Korean players, their feel and rhythm for the game, I would say needs more improvement in terms of ball control, getting adjusted to different tournaments.テつ I.
Think that the European players are at a very much more advantageous position because they get to play in tournaments starting from December and as early as January, and they are always exposed to heavy winds.テつ I think that this difference in experience really makes a difference.

Q.テつ And also, I was able to tell that Korean players, I think that they could control their ball better around the greens.テつテつ European players definitely seem to be doing much better around the greens.テつ Do you think that controlling the ball around the green makes a difference in their scores?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Well, in my personal opinion, I don't think the green types make any big difference, but I do think that short game technique brings about major differences.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm using just one type of wedge.テつ European Tour players, they control the ball well, and they sometimes show and display flop shots and many different techniques.
Mr.K.J. Choi also mentioned that foreign European Tour players can display up to eight or nine different techniques using just one type of club.
So I think that that's where the major differences are between European Tour players and Korean players, and also the environment where they can practice.
STEVE TODD:テつ Congratulations again, and thanks for joining us.

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