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April 27, 2013

Peter Whiteford


Q.テつ A long day, you had ten holes to finish off this morning, what time did you get here?
PETER WHITEFORD:テつ 5.00 bus, first bus in, last bus out it looks like.テつ Long day.

Q.テつ And you really have put yourself in the mix to win this now.テつ Quite a turnaround from your form so far this season.
PETER WHITEFORD:テつ Yeah, it's been pretty average, or poor to be honest.テつ Been hitting it half decent on the range most of the year and just not taking it out on the golf course.テつ This week it's better, it's nice to sort of hit it on the course like I have been a wee bit more on the range which is a bit more pleasing.

Q.テつ Can you guess or say why that's happened, or is it just one of those golfing mysteries?
PETER WHITEFORD:テつ Oh, I don't know, you get out of your way and let your‑‑ the psychologists will tell you that.テつ You try your best every week and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
But this week, maybe the course suits my eye a bit better this week.テつ There's a lot of fades off the tees.テつ I like to cut the ball.テつ I've normally done okay here.テつ I've not done great but I've always done okay here.テつ I like the course and maybe that's what it is.

Q.テつ Does it help when wind conditions are so difficult?
PETER WHITEFORD:テつ Yeah, obviously in Scotland it's windy and all the rest, but we are used to playing in jumpers and waterproofs and all the rest.テつ It's a good golf course and you have to get yourself on the right part of the green.テつ You can probably get around hitting 16 greens and just be so far out of position, it's frightening; so it's all about hitting the right putts.

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