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April 27, 2013

Sang-Hyun Park


CALVIN KOH:テつテつ Two years ago, you finished 10th in the Ballantine's Championship, now you're the leading Korean, you must be pretty pumped up for your last 18 holes tomorrow.
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ So I think that compared to what it was two years ago, the course still is very difficult and we have a lot of wind out there.テつ So I think that a lot of players are having difficulty with their scores today.
Overall, I think that the course and the difficulty is pretty much the same, today and two years before.テつ So tomorrow, my plan is to do a little bit more harder, so that I can at the end of the day score a better score.

Q.テつ So I understand that you tend to perform better in bigger tournaments, is there any special know‑how that you have?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ There is no special know‑how in approaching bigger tournaments.テつ That is the same whether it's a bigger tournament or smaller tournament.テつ However, I do tend to score better in bigger tournaments, because I think that I'm much better and stronger in difficult courses.
My scores, they don't show much of a difference, whether or not they are easy or the courses are difficult.テつ So I think that I tend to perform much better on difficult courses.

Q.テつ So is there anything special that you worked on during the winter season in order to prepare for this tournament, and any special strategy that you are applying to this tournament?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ There's nothing special.テつ Every year I practice really hard on my short game, and I especially learn from Mr.Han Young‑Hee with regard to my swings and shots.テつ So I think that as time goes by, my swings are improving, as well as my scores.

Q.テつ I know that it's not final yet, however I think that you're very close to winning that trophy, so anything special for tomorrow?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ Well, I've been around this course the last three years, so I'm very familiar with this course.テつ Tomorrow I know where I can record a birdie and where I can record pars.
So I'm going to go along with my plan and I think that if I stick to my original plan, my scores will turn out to be fine.

Q.テつ Can you be more specific?テつ Which holes do you think that you really have to make birdie and which holes do you think that you have to score par?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ So tomorrow, I understand that the location of the pins on the greens will be much easier compared to what it was today so I think that there will be much more chances out there to score birdie tomorrow.
For the par3 holes, my strategy is to make par saves using my long putts, and for other holes, I think depending on the pin location, I might have to approach it with my wedge.

Q.テつ So far, no Korean players are in the Top Ten List along with you, and I think that you are pretty much doing well on behalf of Koreans today and so far as you know, no Korean player has won the trophy yet.テつ So will you have special thoughts regarding what will you be doing tomorrow?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ Yes, in 2011, I ranked third in the Ballantine's Championship, and I know the course very well.テつ And tomorrow, I think that even if I approach the course and the holes aggressively, I know that it's not going to turn out the way that I had intended.
Yes, I didn't win a trophy during the past four years and I really, really do want to win a trophy this time around.テつ But I still have to admit that there are some shot differences between the No. 1 group.
So again, tomorrow, my approach is I'm going to utilize the wind to my advantage and try my best with my putting.テつ I think that by doing so, I can score better compared to 2011.

Q.テつ So today, there was a lot of wind and I noticed that a lot of top players were having difficulty hitting the ball on the green.テつ They easily missed their approach by 30 or 40 yards.テつ So I saw a lot of mistakes today.テつ So given this kind of environment and approach to the green, I think that there can be many different approaches that you can utilise.テつ You can spin the ball or lift the ball.テつ So what is your style?
SANG‑HYUN PARK:テつ Well, I would definitely say that the European players are much better with their technique when it comes to approach shots.テつ So in my case, I try to use a running approach, using my creativity.
If you go to foreign courses, courses overseas, the grass and the green tends to be much more dense.テつ However, that's not the case at the Blackstone course here in Korea.テつ It's much less dense so that even if you utilise your techniques, the you can says rate can go down.テつ So in my case I try to use 9‑iron or 8‑iron and also utilise the lie to my advantage.
CALVIN KOH:テつテつ Good luck the last 18 holes tomorrow.

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