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April 27, 2013

Brett Rumford


Q.テつ We'll start at the end because that was a beautiful finish, five birds in a row?
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ It was lovely, it was a good finish.テつ It was pretty frustrating.テつ This game is just amazing.テつ It's quite a contrast in feelings from when you walk off the back of the 13th green after you've just bogeyed two in a row to then finish with five in a row.
So it was pretty tough but it was‑‑ I have to commend Ronnie, my caddie, he did a great job out there today.テつ Yeah, look, it's thrown us back in the mix and looking forward to tomorrow obviously.

Q.テつ Thrown you very nicely up that leaderboard, but you tend to play well in Korea, don't you.
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ Yeah, I know, strange.テつ There's a few weeks throughout the year where I have a tendency to play well, but I think I like this golf course.テつ I like how wide the fairways are.テつテつ Obviously there's a lot of trouble if you start to go too astray, but the green are generous size, as well and how firm the greens are.
There's quite a few Aussies sitting at the top of the leaderboard and obviously with the Australian conditions, it's similar to that.テつ A lot of run‑off, not too much rough around the greens, so you need a pretty tidy short game, but you need good course management and you just have to putt well.テつ I'm doing all of those and as I said before, if I can just eliminate the small errors out there, then tomorrow, should be good to go for tomorrow.

Q.テつ You said in the past about how well you favour the wind, and they certainly picked up this afternoon.
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ Yeah, it was really, really tricky and got a little bit cold late, as well.テつ But this place, seemingly the wind can come from nowhere and then it can just drop as it did on 18 today.テつ It was blowing a good distance, particularly into 17.テつ It was a good maybe 20‑, 25‑metre wind that we calculated and then 18, it just dropped within a space of, you know, seemingly five minutes.
So Korea can do that.テつ This place, yeah, it can really throw up a challenge, and obviously if it's calmer, that's when this place can really be taken apart.テつ There's a lot of birdie opportunities out there.

Q.テつ This performance has not come from nowhere, you've been building nicely.
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ I've been working really, really hard back home and I have been building but that's golf, you can work very hard and not get rewarded and just when you throw your eggs out of the basket it gives you a little something.
But saying that, you have to stay patient with the game and keep working really, really hard.テつ I've been doing that with the fitness as well as the technical side.テつ You just never know when you'll be rewarded in this game and just have to keep working away.

Q.テつ Anything rubbing off with Adam Scott winning at Augusta?
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ Absolutely that's a fantastic win.テつ I'm sure it's inspired us all.テつ Wade Ormsby won in Asia a couple weeks ago, he's playing well and at the top the leaderboard, as well.テつ And Marcus Fraser has been playing fantastic for seemingly the last two or three years.
Yeah, it's great obviously for the Aussie contingent and hopefully one of us can take it tomorrow.テつ With Adam Scott's win at the Masters, it's inspired us all.テつ Yeah, just a good week and it's panning out to be an interesting Sunday.

Q.テつ Tough conditions, but especially on the back nine, most people are going backwards and you've had an extraordinary run.
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ I got lucky personally with the draw.テつ Obviously the guys had to deal with probably 7 to 11 holes yesterday afternoon when the wind really got up.
We had a taste of that today, and this golf course, with how firm the greens are, it's really quite tricky.テつ There were some pins that were access and I believe when the wind gets up there are a couple of pins that can really get you unstuck.
So I played pretty steady as I said and if the greens stay the way it is tomorrow, hopefully it's a calmer day and there will be plenty of birdies and it will be an exciting finish.

Q.テつ Presumably your short game is sharp.
BRETT RUMFORD:テつ Yeah, always putting great, short game, it's okay.テつ Chip‑in on 16 and sort of holed it from the back fringe on 17 to sort of finish off pretty strong this afternoon.テつ But in general, I've just got to tidy a few things up and should be good to go tomorrow.
It's my wife's birthday today, so Sally, if you're watching back home, happy birthday and love to all.

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