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April 27, 2013

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.テつ This has been an adventures week to say the least, hasn't it?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, I've been playing, hitting the ball probably the best I've been in a while, hitting it.テつ And just missing loads of putts.
But still, a lot of positives.テつ Not over yet.テつ Still 18 holes tomorrow and you know, if the wind keeps the way it is, it's tough out there, especially the back nine.テつ You know, today, played well.テつ Just made one bad swing at a horrible time.

Q.テつ I know it's history now but you started off with those six birdies on the front nine.テつ It does feel ages ago.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ I mean, like I said, I played really well.テつ Hitting the ball well.テつ So giving myself a lot of birdie opportunities.テつ Hopefully tomorrow, go make a few.

Q.テつ Elaborate on just how difficult it is out there because you've had something of everything this week.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, the wind is all over the place.テつ You can play two holes next to each other and you can't figure out the wind.テつ It's tough.テつ But yeah, there's a lot of birdie opportunities.

Q.テつ And you are in a nice position, come what may.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:テつ Yeah, I just need to start like I did the first round.テつ So I need to probably be pushing a bit tomorrow, go for a few pins.テつ But yeah, I need to start off good and see if I can get up there quickly.

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