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April 27, 2013

Pablo Larrazabal


STEVE TODD:テつ Pablo, thanks for joining us.テつ I know it's been a long day, but a very good one for you.テつ If you could just talk us through your 68 there today.
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Yeah, it was a tough day.テつ I mean, the wind on this golf course is very tough.テつ We are up in a mountain and we play on both sides of the mountain.テつ The wind is swirling around, and yeah, you have to trust the wind and go for it.
STEVE TODD:テつ Nice to finish on a birdie, I know you're a very competitive player, and it's going to be nice to be in the mix there tomorrow and get that instinct going again.
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Yeah, it is always nice to be up there.テつ And you guys know me, I love this game and I love to fight for tournaments.テつ That's the fun part of this game and that's the fun part of being a professional golfer.
So you know, tomorrow will be a great day.テつ I mean, to be in the final group in one of the most important tournaments on The European Tour schedule here in Asia, it will be very special.

Q.テつ I know it's very windy out there, give us a sense of how difficult it was and would you like it to be as tough again tomorrow?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ It was very windy, and you know, the problem is not the wind.テつ It's how you feel that wind.テつ We knew that the wind was coming from the west/southwest today, but you start to feel it‑‑ in some holes you start to feel it from the north, and you throw the grass and you throw it and you feel it from the west and then you throw it and you feel it from the east.
It's been, as I said to you, we are playing on a mountain and we are playing both sides of the mountain, and that's the toughest part of this golf course.テつ These windy conditions are tough.テつ It wasn't as strong as normally we play in Europe.
And you know, I love‑‑ you guys know me very well, I've been here for six years and I love tough conditions.テつ I love wind conditions, and I love tight pin positions.テつ You know, I love to have fun that way.

Q.テつ Compared to European players, including yourself, I can tell that today, a lot of Korean players were up and down, moving up‑and‑down in terms of their performance.テつ They started out as a top group but however they ended up in the bottom group.テつ So I think compared to Korean players, European players tends to be much more stable and consistent when it comes to their performance.テつ I mean, you have some experience playing alongside Korean players; why do you think Korean players have such big up‑and‑downs?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ I don't know.テつ I mean, I play with a lot of Korean players through the years, and I played the last three rounds with Mr.Kim, and he's a great player, but he shapes the ball a lot.テつ And in this wind if you shape the ball a lot right‑to‑left or left‑to‑right, that means that you're spinning the ball a lot.テつ With wind, if you spin the golf ball a lot, that wind takes the ball a lot more.
So you know, I can tell you about Mr.Kim today, but I know Y.E. Yang has a lot of hybrids on the golf bag, and to play with wind, you have to have a good long iron game, and with hybrids, you put the ball in the air.
I mean, we adjust to the wind in Europe.テつ We adjust to bad weather.テつ I mean, this is not cold.テつ You go to The Open Championship, and that's cold. テつI mean, three degrees with sun is not cold for us.テつ You go to The Open Championship, it's a lot more wind than what we play here.テつ It's the same in Scotland.テつ I mean, we play with a lot of bad weather, and we adjust to the wind.テつ This is no wind for us.

Q.テつ So for long hitters, I think that we were able to see some long hitters make it on in two on par 5 holes and ended up saving a lot of scores there.テつ So in order for you to win, where do you think‑‑ which holes do you think will be critical and where do you suppose you have to score birdie and where do you have to keep par?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ Well, I always thought that the big hitters have an advantage, but if they miss, it's a lot wider than the short hitters.テつ I'm a middle hitter.テつ I'm not one of the long hitters out there.
But I can reach the par 5s, some of them.テつ And you know, obviously it's easier if you hit in two on a par 5 than if you hit it in three, but then you have to make the putts.テつ So it's not about distance; it's about making the score.
And the critical holes, there's a few tough ones.テつ I mean, 7 is tough, the par3.テつ You have to birdie 4, 5 and 6‑‑ you have to birdie one.テつ And the back nine, it all depends the wind.テつ But 10 was playing very tough today.テつ 12, and 13 was one of the toughest par 3s I have ever played today.テつ It was a 5‑iron, a lot of wind right‑to‑left and the pin tight on the right.
You know, there's a couple of tricky holes out there.テつ I mean, to make par on the 13th or to make par on 12, you have to hit the tee shot good.テつ I mean, 12, the tee shot is unbelievable.テつ I mean, it's very tough.

Q.テつ I think the wind also can make this course really difficult to approach, but I think that the location of the pin on the green can also make the game really difficult or really make it easier.テつ So do you hope for less wind tomorrow, or easier pin location tomorrow?
PABLO LARRAZテδ。AL:テつ I saw a couple of pins for tomorrow, and they are a little bit easier tomorrow.テつ I mean, on 13, it's easier.テつ 14 is a lot easier.テつ I mean, they make the difference on this golf course.テつ You can put the pins very, very tough.テつ The greens are rock hard, so it's tough to stop it on some of the slopes.テつ There's a few pins that are on the top of a little mound, and it's very tough to leave it close.
And about the wind, I mean, you guys know how‑‑ if you don't know how I play or you guys don't know me, I like windy conditions.テつ I like when the wind blows and as tough as the golf course, as much as I love it, I don't like 6‑under conditions.テつ I don't like just to go out there and you know that you have to shoot 4‑, 5‑, 6‑under.テつ I like to fight the score.
STEVE TODD:テつ Thank you and good luck tomorrow.

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